Archive of Experiences

It’s a novel concept, really.

Have you been enjoying the recent introduction of new and different creative posts? I hope you have. I was thinking about Moggie’s Proclamations the other day and realised that, while there are two major focuses here, gaming has always had more diverse and interesting posts. Sometimes this is simply a case of it being easier to produce those kind of posts for gaming topics. For instance, it’s pretty easy and non-intrusive to just flick the switch on my recording software and capture some footage.

However, there are a number of times where I’ll talk about something I’m playing at the moment, or something I’m looking forward to, and even if it doesn’t connect to anything else I’ll still post it. Like a passing thought of sorts. Across Auriga is a good example of a post like that. It’s an isolated thought relating to something that I may or may not do a review post about later.

I haven’t done too many creative posts like that before.

Things like the recent Bleeding Ink or the not so recent Painting Pencil. Where I’ll be looking at a particular idea, style, or a new way to approach something with a different material (or an unusual combination of materials). These are the kinds of posts I’d like to do more often for creative topics. Focusing solely on finished pieces or things that will be included on my personal site is a very narrow content creation pattern. That said, as I’ve said before, I don’t want to flood the blog with pointless fluff posts to pad out the times where I have less content than others. If there are any specific kinds of posts you’d like to see- leave me a comment! I’ll do my best to accommodate where possible.

I’m also trying to be more open about the kind of content I’d like to produce in the future. I know that’s something I haven’t done much prior to the last twelve months, but I feel it’s a necessary evolution for me to continue to enjoy what I do here. I’m not really focusing too much on changing layouts, or adding new social media sites, or introducing major new features at the moment. I’m focusing on updating content, making it consistent, producing more, and hopefully producing things which are new and exciting for the readers.

I don’t think either of the two major focuses could exist without the other, though. I don’t feel that I could write about various video games consistently enough, nor that there would be enough content to form creative posts to fill the time available. Therefore, it’s unlikely we’ll see a shift from both at once to one or the other singularly. Doesn’t seem feasible.

While this can be considered a personal blog- it isn’t.

It is about my personal experiences, interests, and hobbies but not so much about me as a person. It’s more like an archive of experiences. In any case, I wanted to see how everyone was enjoying the recent creative posts and to give some insight into where things are going. This in and of itself is a pretty unconventional post for Moggie’s Proclamations, but times have changed and I want to give the readers a little more information on what to expect in the future. As always, I’ll be adjusting older content here and there to make sure it remains consistent to the overall theme here. But hopefully we’ll start to see some really interesting new content, too!

Have a nice week, all!



New Approaches

Every day the list gets longer.

I’ve spent the last three months (on and off) working on various updates for the collection of sites. This started as a small project to improve the quality of older posts for Moggie’s Proclamations, that led to developing new teaser images for art posts, updating my personal site, working on a new social media site, and is a list that gets longer with every passing day. Every time I start to work on one thing I think of other improvements I’d like to implement!

The good news is that I’m ready to share these updates. First and foremost I’d like to unveil my new Google+ page which filters through updates from Moggie’s Proclamations, as well as tailored updates, and (some) posts from Twitter. It also features a collection entirely focused on my creative efforts. You can follow one (or both) if you’d like to get updates via Google+, too.

I’ve been slowly adding updates and content to my Google+ page since late last year.

You’ll also find a link to the Google+ page on both my personal site and in the sidebar to right. Additionally I’ve been making some changes to Moggie’s Proclamations in the form of new teaser images for the art posts over here. You’ll find all but the oldest content (from 2012) have new thumbnails, updated layouts, and other minor changes. I’ve been working through many of the older posts trying to keep the quality and formatting as consistent as I can. For the most part the content has been left as was and you’ll still be able to go back a few years, browse old posts, and observe how my writing style and/or approach has changed in that time.

You’ll also find that both the Gaming and Art pages are now updated with some newly discovered posts that slipped through my initial sweep of published content. These are now closer to being concise, well organised, high quality lists of previously published content that you can use to find anything (and/or everything) that I’ve got to offer. My personal site has also seen a few small changes to heighten the level of quality you’ll find over there, too.

Twitter has seen a lot more activity recently and some of those updates will now be mirrored to Google+ which should allow a much higher level of exposure for certain things. Best of all this allows people who may not use Twitter but use Google+, or vice versa, to access the content if they want to. I’m pretty pleased with how these two sites are currently progressing.

This doesn’t conclude the range of updates, though.

I’ve still got a few things that I’d like to update for Moggie’s Proclamations along with a few ideas for my personal site. But, for the most part, I’m quite happy with how much work has gone into- and how much difference it has made to- the various sites. Besides the aforementioned changes I’m actually at a loss as to what I’d like to work on next. Obviously either creative or video game content is always a welcome addition, which, if you’ve been following recent posts, you’ll know there’s already something nearing completion there. I’d like to do a post or two about Grim Dawn (and likely a full review) when that fully releases this month as well.

I apologise for having a few text heavy, explanatory, less interesting posts recently but I hope you’ll agree the updates were worth it.

Have a nice weekend, all!


Graphite Haze

Some people wake up in a drunken haze. But, no, not ol’ Moggie- he wakes up in a graphite haze.

Unsure of how much graphite dust he inhaled last night, why there are wood shavings everywhere, and why his thumbs are black as pitch with the dust of many a shaved pencil. But that’s all just a day in the life, really. Much better than those days I put my head inside my computer but forget to turn off the power. Then my hair just gets stuck in the fans, all the wires get tangled, strange black smoke starts billowing from the back of the machine, and I foresee a hefty repair bill.

In both a literal and figurative sense I’ve been quite busy.

I’ve been working on a few creative things recently. Most of which I haven’t discussed or posted, nor will post, but have yielded some rather interesting results in helping me understand more about my particular styles and techniques. I’m confident in my abilities with certain materials (like pencil and watercolour) but left wanting with some others (like ink and marker).

That said, I’ve also started approaching some pretty old but recently untouched subject matter. Given that it has been a good two-four years since I’ve actively worked on any kind of landscape, or wanted to, or could decide on which material(s) to use- this is a pretty odd choice. It originally began with a conceptual approach to a rather simple composition (you can see a WIP on Twiter), which evolved into something experimental, and ultimately reassured me that I was onto a good thing with pencil (and coloured pencil) techniques in general. It was nice to reapply something that I always felt could work but where I was previously too inexperienced to make it work.

Which has always been a goal for my range of styles. I’ve never wanted to completely reproduce one style with a different material. I’d much prefer to make each material individual and to develop a range of strengths (and weaknesses) for each one, countering those with the other materials, and generally keeping each approach fresh. Of course, at times, I’ll try to reproduce a similar style to see how that works or to observe the results of it. Or to compare differences between the sets of results.

I’ve continued to work on that piece over the last few days, too.

I posted a second WIP (which you can see on Twitter), thought about how far I wanted to take this piece, and even revisited an earlier doodled Super Mutant (which you can also see on Twitter). Twitter is a really good place to follow me if you’d like to see more doodles, sketches, and WIP photos. That said, anything for the site/for WordPress will always end up here.

I’m quite happy with how Twitter has progressed over the last few months. In fact, I’m quite happy with how the whole collection of sites have progressed. I still think Moggie’s Proclamations is one of the strongest additions in supporting my personal site and the other social media profiles, and I’m working on something (unannounced) that is in a similar vein at the moment. It’s nice to be able to take a step back and be pleased with how things are progressing, though. It’s a good start to 2016 at least as I can focus less on site/social media maintenance and more on content. I’ve also liked a lot of the new posts I’ve put out in January.

Have a nice week, all!


Collected Pieces

You might have noticed that I really like organising things.

Well, no, that’s not entirely true- I don’t necessarily have to organise things. I just find they’re easier to access when I do. Which is why I’ve finally taken the time to create an Art page to offset the Gaming page I created last year. I figured it was time to have a centralised location on Moggie’s Proclamations where you could find all of my pieces (and related posts) if that’s what interests you.

This also ties into a small (but quite critical) change to my personal site. For those who frequent it (or have been over there before), you’ll know that I summarise the recent WordPress post regarding a new piece and provide a link back to Moggie’s Proclamations (to the full post). However, until now, it hadn’t occurred to me to actually provide a direct link to the new piece on the main site itself. You could always go through to the category, select the piece, and view it that way. But never directly. So I fixed that.

Hopefully these changes will make the content (both new and old) more accessible.

Have a nice week, all!


Big Ol’ Jumble

The last twelve months have been interesting to say the least.

We’ve seen new projects, new ideas, additional social media sites, lost a few social media sites, and there were more creative posts than I would have anticipated. I’ve learned a lot of new things- the C# programming language, how to record videos under a multitude of conditions, how to stream, developing in Unity- and I like to think I’ve come away understanding more of what I want from what I do. Moggie’s Proclamations has evolved into a completely different beast than originally planned, too. Not that I mind too much.

So how do we move forward into 2016 from here? Good question!

I think scheduling has been one of the better decisions I’ve made about things here on the blog. I like being able to bulk create posts and sort them into a list to consistently deliver content. However, as I have noticed of late, I tend to make a list and then shuffle it around particular posts which I’d prefer to hit the blog sooner rather than later.

One of the things I’m thinking of implementing as this year winds down (and continuing into 2016) is a more consistent pacing for the posts. Much less shuffling, much more reliable, and hopefully more interesting/enjoyable to viewers. Likewise, as I’m still deciding what I want to do with YouTube, I can use that for producing more video game reviews with actual gameplay footage. I like those. I don’t even think commentary is necessary as you will get an idea as to whether that looks like something you would enjoy just from seeing it play out.

I’d also like to come back to streaming and try to improve the experience there as much as possible.

That said, for the most part, it will likely be much of the same. While I still agree with what I’ve said previously, I don’t think that the lack of purchasing new titles, or purchasing few as opposed to several, will affect the blog too much. Of course, it won’t affect my personal site- as that isn’t even gaming related. But that is something I’ll need to look at and work around as and when it happens. There are a ton of reviews and gaming related content over on the Gaming page already. As part of that initial push to feature gaming and gaming related posts here was to create a bulk of content to offset the two years of creative posts.

While I had been thinking of branching out to Google+ recently I think I will hold off on that. I like having David and Moggie’s Proclamations as the main sites while Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch bring up the rear. Still haven’t made much progress towards finalising my Etsy shop, either. Had it for three-four years now and never done a thing with it.

Though, as always, I’d prefer to only branch out/expand content if I know I’ll be able to deliver the same quality content consistently. Also if I’m going to be active with said expansions. I certainly could do some things with Etsy, Instagram, and Google+ but it wouldn’t have the same level of activity or commitment. Which isn’t fair to those followers who only follow me there. As it’s almost like saying that I will do it, but it’ll be half baked, and you’ll need to follow my other sites as well, thus making the development of that site completely pointless. Still these points are subject to change when a good idea comes along which one of those sites can capitalise on.

Have a nice weekend, all!


Steady Recovery

We’re hitting a strange kind of happy medium. (There’s an art pun in there.)

Creative pursuits of mine have been a continually returned to point of discussion over the last two years. It’s an odd feeling really. Given that I find those creative inclinations are as much a part of me as anything else- yet they feel so foreign- which leaves me a little empty. It’s not really a case that the inclinations haven’t been there… it’s just that I wasn’t happy with the things I was doing and wanted to try something different. Something new. Something unique.

Of course, there have been issues over those two years, both related to creativity and not, which have shaken things up.

However, this year has proven to be something of a mystery. While I had figured that things were pretty much done earlier in the year there have been a few new pieces, these have touched every category on the site, and I’ve actually found new ways to put that art out there. Using Twitter to share the odd WIP is actually a pretty good idea as it helps to bolster current content.

I think that’s something that carries over from being on deviantArt, as, I feel, there’s a sort of implied obligation to continue posting even if you haven’t really got anything new to share. Which leads you to being pressured into putting something out there- and feeling bad when you don’t- but you never feel good about putting out unfinished scraps. Having Twitter to bridge that gap allows me to share things I like but won’t necessarily make a post for here. Or, as I have done quite recently, use them to form a post of sketches and scribbles that people can enjoy. I think that leads into how I’ve managed to get pretty much everything where I want it to be.

I’ve tried some new social media options this year, dropped a few older ones, started a few new projects, and really settled into my collection of sites.

I don’t feel like I need to change or update them as much now. Nor do I feel that there are useless sites in the collection. It’s all running rather nicely and to expand upon that with a range of new pieces, across several categories, using a range of media, and even exploring digital more closely is a bonus. It’s far from perfect- but it’s a recovery nonetheless.

Of course, this is only a small part of a much bigger problem in my personal life. Still, I like doing this- I like sharing things. I’m glad I started to do a bit more focused on gaming and my other hobbies rather than just keeping it all about art. Mostly as my art is inspired by a lot of the fantasy worlds I’ve explored in various video games- or taken directly from them in fan art- and to share what I enjoy (and what inspires me) helps to illustrate that. (More art puns.)

Just thought I’d share this with you all.

I assume a number of you are here for the creative pursuits more than the gaming ones (or it could be both) as I’ve carried a collection of followers since the blog first started. Which, back then, was all about the art. But I think it’s important to grow and to diversify and to offer more to people who might very well be like me in the sense that they like art, gaming, and perhaps are even artists themselves.

Have a nice week, all!


Laying in the Sun

I would make some wisecrack about recharging my batteries but you know cats.

Despite being covered in fur and laying around like a flattened balloon when it is warm- you’ll always find cats rolling around in sunshine whenever possible. Brings me closer to the theory that cats are solar powered. Also, that they only require water and sunshine to function and/or exist. Therefore, to recharge my batteries, I just lay in the sun for a few hours.

Which would never actually happen as I inherited my father’s love of the cold weather.

But, yes, it has been a while hasn’t it? Over the last month I’ve done a few more thought related than content related posts than I would usually do. For a few reasons, really. One is that I don’t really have many content related posts to run with. Thought related posts used to be fairly common on here for a spell, but, as time went on, they dropped off a bit. However, I am consciously aware of the people who have followed me for two or more years who might like to see them. Which is why I tend to roll a few out between the other things I do.

I’ve also wanted to test out different post types to see how well they’ll be received nowadays. Mostly because I sort of rebranded the blog (for lack of a better term) a while back to include a lot more gaming, coding, and general posts. It’s not all about the art and creative things as it used to be. So, you know, new audiences and all that. Trying to figure out what you all like to see.

That said generally I will post what I want to post- not what I think people would want to see me post even if I didn’t want to.

But when the two can marry up? All the better. I feel the review posts and Developing with Unity posts are two examples of that. Both are generally well received and both are topics I’m passionate about, that I enjoy writing about, and that I can have some fun with. Getting into technical details for those who like it but also staying simple for those who don’t. I guess this is a slight insight into the things that I think of regarding the blog, what to post, when to post it, and so on. Scheduling posts has certainly allowed me much more flexibility, and given me the ability to funnel posts through in a structured fashion so that you aren’t bombarded with dozens of reviews at once.

I’ve also not done that much art nor pushed on with it as much as I said I would. Been thinking about that, too. I’m one of those people that think long and hard before they act as to not waste time, resources, and whatever else doing something on a whim or the spur of the moment. When it comes to art, well, I want to do something meaningful, I don’t want to push on with the same kind of content as there was previously. I want to define a style- a kind of art- and make it my own. Unfortunately that takes time so we’ll be waiting on it for a bit longer.

While there might be a few less posts over the next couple of weeks- there will be more to come. It’s just a transition period where I want to actually do something worthwhile and produce something that people can enjoy. Might take a bit but the blog isn’t going anywhere.

Have a nice week, all!