Vault Dweller’s Introduction to the Commonwealth Wasteland

Did you know that I rarely write Steam Guides? You did? Well, you’ve probably read this one then…

One of the things I’d love to add to Moggie’s Proclamations are the little side projects I do from time to time in other places. These are usually pretty short self contained bursts of content relating to certain things that are quite hard to form a whole usual length post for. Mostly because, as stated previously, they’re fairly short and they tend to not require an introduction. So I figured I’d try a smaller and more concise post that simply tells you it exists.

The particular content we’re talking about today is a (99% spoiler free) Steam Guide for Fallout 4 covering the basics of the latest modern Fallout title. I’m rather hoping it’ll be useful to those coming from Fallout 3 and/or Fallout: New Vegas who might be confused about the small but significant changes to mechanics or even new players to the modern Fallout series.

In either case, I’ve tried to keep it as spoiler free as is possible when discussing game mechanics.

You can find it over on Steam by clicking the following: Vault Dweller’s Introduction to the Commonwealth Wasteland.

Have a nice week, all!