Good Tidings

To you and yours.

Gather ’round the fire and listen to ol’ Moggie for a moment, folks. It’s that time again! The New Year. The time for resolutions, forgetting to date things correctly, and most importantly even more sales on anything and everything. Will the sales ever end? Will your wallet ever be safe? You feel comfortable knowing that the last gasps of the Steam Winter Sale can be heard. Soon it will be no more. Soon there will be nothing to worry about. Until you hear it rising once again from the depths- taking on another form- haunting your wallet once more.

Or you’ll just run into the Steam weekly sales.

It’s not just the time for sales, though. Some people spend it with their family. Or their pets. Or both. Or they spend it wondering why they ate so much as another mince pie carelessly falls into their mouth. They can’t stop. They won’t stop. They will be satisfied at any cost. They will awaken amongst confectionery wrappers with little recollection of the night before.

I’ve spent these few weeks reflecting on how things have progressed in the last year. Making small changes to my various sites, updating information, scheduling posts for the New Year, and deciding on what content I’d like to be working on. It’s certainly easier to find the time to work on these things when not actively making content or writing posts. Not that I ever take much of a break from writing posts. But it’s something. I’m always a little excited when I have a whole list of scheduled content that I can’t wait to share with you all. Especially if you’ve not seen it via Tweets or anything else yet. I’d love for that few week lead to carry forward into the rest of the year, too. But that’s not really how I produce content.

Twenty seven years and still not sick of it.

Twenty seven years and still not sick of it.

I also made a few purchases during the Steam Winter Sale. The first was GRID, which I have introduced to my followers via a couple of Tweets highlighting my inability to take corners or to remain unscathed during a race. The second was Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura, which, besides having quite the title, is something I’m keen to talk about once I’ve had more time to explore the opening areas. At the very least, I’m quite impressed with how extensive the character creation options are.

I can see that resulting in many unique builds and character stories.

On that note, Final Fantasy X is still going strong. I’m approaching it more casually than I first anticipated I would- but I’m in no rush to see the end of it. I’m also enjoying the varied character builds I’m able to work towards thanks to the Expert Sphere Grid. Who would have thought that Rikku would be one of the most proficient White Magic users in my party? Not me!

For the coming year I’m looking to introduce creative content as a major focus and have it remain as such throughout. I’d like to improve on the unexpectedly plentiful creative content from last year, but in a more diverse way. Perhaps by bringing together more materials than we’ve seen in any singular year before this. Or perhaps by bringing together a stronger, more developed, and more consistent approach overall. I’m looking to talk a lot more about what I’m doing, what’s working, and what’s not when it comes to all things creative. Hopefully this will encourage me to be more proactive when it comes to pursuing new ideas or using new materials.

Have a nice weekend, all!



Festive Tweetings

Much meat. Many pickles.

There are many great things about Christmas but I’d have to say my favourite is the turkey. I love turkey. I’m quite fond of pickles, too. Not so keen on ham. That said, these are all subjective to whether you work in retail (in any capacity). If you do then your Christmas is probably mostly spent tending a near empty place of work in some corporate hope someone will come in. Unless you’re one of the lucky few who manage to snag the days off as soon as they become available.

That’s probably the thing I liked least about my previous place of work.

However, I’m not as excited about Christmas as I used to be and it’s not for the usual reasons. The Christmas magic still exists within my lump of coal heart- but everything always seems to go wrong at Christmas for some reason. I’m not sure I’ve had a decent one for the last six years or so. They’re all becoming marginally more depressing year on year.

This year I spent some time on Twitter with my followers as they sent Tweets outlining their Christmas meals or activities and I had a (surprisingly) good time. It was great seeing what everyone was up to, or what they got, or reading their festive Tweets. I’m not usually one to be online (or on my computer at all) on Christmas Day as I spend a great deal of time here otherwise. One less day won’t hurt. But, as I’ve got older, I’ve not really found much to do if I’m not online. Especially considering most of my time over the holidays will be spent gaming, or buying games, or watching Steam sales. But I’d say it was worth it this year.

The hearty diet of the festive season.

The hearty diet of the festive season.

In watching the recent Steam sale I decided to reinstall Don’t Starve. I uninstalled it some time last year after Don’t Starve Together came out as I figured it was redundant to have both installed at the same time. However, upon looking up Don’t Starve Together, it seems as though the content was balanced around the multiplayer experience (as the name would suggest). So I figured that having the original Don’t Starve would be pretty useful, too. There’s a new DLC that’s been released recently for it as well.

I’ve been sorting my Steam library recently (after finding out I can permanently remove titles from it).

I’ve also started to implement some of the changes I’ve planned for 2016 (around the collection of sites and elsewhere). Hopefully this will mean more consistent, higher quality, more balanced content for everyone to enjoy. Starting with this very post! It’s quite exciting as I spent some time at the end of last year improving all of the sites and implementing new features. I wouldn’t say I’ve started over but I’ve definitely relaunched a few of them.

2015 was a strange year in that it both exceeded expectations and didn’t. I’m hoping that 2016 will feature more creative posts and new pieces but I can’t promise anything. I’m also hoping that Guild Wars 2: Tyrian Travels will be making a reappearance with a new bulk of posts. But, for now, everything is fresh and new. I’ll be working on updates to all the sites in the coming weeks and hopefully improving quality across the board. I’m also hoping to get a few more recordings in to back up new video game related posts, too. Might even do some streaming this year and maybe work towards doing that more consistently in the future.

Have a nice New Year, all!


Festive New Year!

The festive season is just about over while the New Year is right around the corner so it’s probably the best time to do a post about 2012, Christmas, and everything in-between!

So where have I been? Well, that’s a good question and one that’s not so easily answered as I haven’t really been putting out any new pieces. So I’ll say it in one word- computers! You know, those things that make our lives infinitely easier but are questionably removing our ability to think and act for ourselves? Those! I built my new machine in December and while it’s primary focus was gaming the specifications are good enough for just about anything I want to do with them, which means I’ll be able to update my sites and everything else much easier now.

And update them I will!

But, before that, I’d like to share with you one of the very first screenshots taken on one of the very first games to be installed on this new machine. I have a very regimental, almost military, kind of scarily accurate way of updating computers and so this wasn’t too far into the building (on the first day I do believe)- so without further delay- The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim! (Click for full view.)

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Ain’t that beautiful? I have felt that Bethesda had really outdone themselves with the graphics in that game for a while but when you see it on ultra high settings you are just completely blown away.

While we’re talking screenshots and awesome graphics I’d like to point out the stylisation of the graphics in Borderlands. Or in this case, Borderlands 2. Which I think has really advanced from the original and created a much smoother, slicker, cleaner, and generally more enjoyable experience. It also has one of the best sequel stories in recent history and is a thoroughly enjoyable play. So, again, without further delay- Borderlands 2! (Click for full view.)

Borderlands 2

But this Christmas hasn’t been all about gaming or who spent how much at what Steam Sale (my wallet is crying tears of happiness right now), it’s also been about the festive fun that you only get at Christmas. Christmas music, Christmas food, Christmas drink, Christmas parties, and anything else you can successfully put “Christmas” in front of. This has been a good one as I’ve been able to do a lot and I’ve had a lot of good times running up to this season, too. All in all I’d say that 2012 was a challenging but fun year.

Equally it’s probably one of my most enjoyable years and there’s been a peppering of successful in there too.

The only thing left to do now is look forward 2013, remember to sign my pieces “Moggie ’13” from here on out, and get around to that tattoo piece that a friend requested a while back.

All the best for the best New Year!