About Moggie

David Wilkshire | London, United Kingdom
Contact via moggie (at) davidwilkshire.co.uk

Moggie is an artist with a range of traditional art material proficiencies, including, but not limited to: graphite pencil, coloured pencil, ink, marker, pastel, watercolour paints, and acrylic paints. He also possesses some degree of proficiency with digital art when the stars align and he is half-asleep.

His interests include cats, coffee, business, shirts, silk ties, art, design, web design, video games, music, economics, finance, and anything that poses a challenge (not necessarily in that order). He is formally educated in business, management, finance, economics, design, and art.

Talking in third person displeases him and he finds it generally unnecessary. Others have said he’s a nice, friendly, committed, devoted, helpful, and generally pleasant person to which he assures them he has no money.

Anything you’d like to know, have a query or complaint, or wonder what the deal is with all the cats? Feel free to contact him on the above e-mail address. (Donations of coffee get your queries answered quicker.)

Customer Testimonials

“I asked him to paint my eggplant and the next thing I knew I wasn’t able to cook
with it any more. I suppose I should have been more specific.” -Charlotte Ann

“He’s a pretty rad dude that loves cats.” -Peter Honey

“Honestly, that’s the sexiest painting of a cow I’ve ever seen.” -Fiona Ake

“I can feel the cosmic energies of karmic balance reverberating from the fine brush work of your
paintings. I am one with the lemon and the lime. I am a zesty summer fruit.” -Frederic Raud