TESO: Trekking in Tamriel (Pt. 5)

It’s patch week!

One of the most exciting times for anyone who plays MMORPGs especially when it’s close to a major expansion release. Or the most dreaded. It really depends on how much you love your class and how much they could change it. But for those who play The Elder Scrolls Online that doesn’t seem to be much of a concern. There are changes to the classes and they vary from tweaking values to balancing abilities, but they mostly leave the original heart of the class intact. From my limited experience with them at least.

There’s good news if you’ve got an ESO Plus subscription and love banks, though.

You now get double the bank space you would normally get if you maintain an active subscription. For those who already have access to the crafting bank, it seems to work in the same way that for as long as the subscription is active so are the bonuses. But if the subscription becomes inactive the bonuses are withdrawn but you can still take from the banks. Just not deposit to them.

Or, at least, for the standard bank, you can deposit to it as long as you’re under the limit you have without the subscription. Whereas crafting banks you can’t deposit to at all without a subscription. Naturally, the largest and most expansive changes in this patch are all about the adventures you’ll be undertaking in Vvardenfell. Of which, I do believe, there is an early access period if you’ve pre-ordered the expansion. Which more than likely includes access to the Warden class as I’m sure I’ve met one or two already. Either that or someone else can summon spiritual bears. There seem to be a whole host of new dungeons, titles, cosmetic items, trophies, and other oddities for those who will be travelling out to Seyda Neen as well.

Glorious buffs and debuffs!

Character progression has been somewhat rebalanced, too. The experience curve has changed ever so slightly, there are now soft requirements for unlocking skill trees, and Champion Points have been reset. They too have been rebalanced to make the earlier levels more meaningful. I’ve not actually reached Lvl 50 yet so this is something that I’ll learn about at a later date. You can also have additional character slots via the Crown Store now. I don’t think you get any additional slots simply for buying the expansion, though. Or at least that’s not listed anywhere.

Of all the changes my favourite is the buff and debuff bar.

I always found it slightly weird that it wasn’t included from the very beginning. It’s kind of an essential part of understanding whether things are actually activating (like bleeds), or checking something is still active (like Soul Trap), or knowing how long you’re going to be debilitated or weakened. It’s a little odd but functional and definitely better than nothing.

I’ll admit that I haven’t been as active as usual recently. Mostly due to researching and making sure that I’ve got a steady stream of Traits being unlocked, which, with some pieces of equipment, now incurs a seven day wait period before I can continue. I was rather hoping that the next rank of Metallurgy (and equivalent skills) would unlock a third research slot. But it doesn’t. Sadly. In any case, I’m currently working through a suitable amount of content with my Imperial Templar before I finish his main story. I’ll still have the main stories for the numerous locations that I’ll be visiting as well. So the content won’t dry up. But, until then, I hope that your adventures in The Elder Scrolls Online are fruitful!

Have a nice weekend, all!



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