TESO: Trekking in Tamriel (Pt. 4)

Wherein we research many things.

Researching has always been a priority as it affords me the opportunity to create more advanced equipment. It’s now a significantly higher priority as I’ve recently discovered it’s the key to creating set equipment, which, rather surprisingly, has no other requirements. I’d seen the various crafting locations before but I’d never attempted to use them as I assumed they required unique style materials or training. The considerable boost to different parameters is certainly worth the investment in researching, though.

Even if it means my bank will be filled with equipment for some time to come.

I’d prefer being able to destroy the equipment immediately to add it to the list of research and then invest the time as usual. But, sadly, I have to carry each of these pieces around in one inventory or another while the timer ticks away. I don’t even really care that much about the significant investment of time as that ticks away while I’m not actively logged in.

So that’s a thing I’m doing now. I’ve made good use of the various sets, too. With these I can definitely see that crafting is an investment which is worth making as you can essentially build anything you need to suit your character, then improve the quality, add enchantments, and even create it with inherent Traits. It’s a pretty extensive set of mechanics which are surprisingly more flexible than you’d assume. It also means I’ve made good choices with my characters. Which is always nice. The Guild Stores also open up the potential to purchase anything you might need. With all the joy of running to different locations, checking prices, checking more prices, and generally looking to get the best deal you possibly can.

We’ll cleanse this corruption or we’ll die trying.

I’ve also been working through the main story which is shorter than I’d anticipated. I know that’s hardly new for The Elder Scrolls, but in this case it almost feels a little anti-climactic as I’ll be able to finish the main story before I even reach Lvl 50. I know I could always go and level up to Lvl 50 and then finish it but there scarcely seems any point to do so. That’s the less appealing aspect of having the content scale with your character rather than be at a set level. I was rather hoping that the main story would take me through to Lvl 50.

There’s always the main story for the Daggerfall Convenant if I want more content, though.

I’ve been exploring the opening areas for the Ebonheart Pact, too. That’s an interesting diversion as their main opposing Alliance seems to be the Daggerfall Convenant. Which kind of sort of means he’s fighting his own people, but in my defence he is an Imperial and therefore chose to join the Daggerfall Convenant as they don’t have any Alliance of their own.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I’m most interested in their story as I don’t currently have a character with the Ebonheart Pact. I’m already experiencing what the Daggerfall Convenant have to offer, while I’ll be heading off with the Aldmeri Dominion soon. That and they’ve got giant mushrooms out in Davon’s Watch. I love giant mushrooms! Almost as much as I love giant trees and random assortments of colourful foliage. I’m looking forward to exploring more dungeons, delves, and the like out there. They’ll have some interesting ones for sure. I’m rather surprised to find that many of the Mundus Stones are repeated out there, too. I thought that they would be placed across the entire world and you’d have to travel across Alliances for them.

Have a nice week, all!



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