TESO: Trekking in Tamriel (Pt. 3)

Wherein the vast crafting empire begins.

The Elder Scrolls Online has one of the most enjoyable crafting systems I’ve encountered in any MMORPG. It doesn’t require an excessive list of raw materials, all of the different components are pretty intuitive, the strength of crafted equipment is comparable to that which you find in dungeons, and there are many different ways to improve your crafting talents (most of which are free). It’s nice to think that I haven’t invested this time erroneously or for reasons which are no longer as attractive as they once were.

I’m actually quite excited to reach Lvl 50 now.

That’s when I’ll likely be building my first completely strengthened set of equipment. Though, due to overflowing Fire Opals, I do invest in Sharpened on any of my weapons as the extra armour penetration is very attractive. I’m not sure if I want a Crushing rune on it, though. Or whether it’s better to have health steal or a damage shield. I’ve certainly got enough options.

I’ve been exploring the different crafting options available in Blacksmithing (on my Imperial Templar), Woodworking (on my Orc Dragonknight), and Clothing (on my Altmer Sorcerer) as they all follow similar rules and so it’s easy to advance them together. Even if I’m not playing the other characters as much. That said, I’ve been steadily pushing my Sorcerer towards Lvl 10 while my Templar has now surpassed Lvl 20. My Khajiit Nightblade has Alchemy and Provisioning. One of which is almost exclusively useful to him, while the other, Provisioning, doesn’t really hold much of my attention as I’m not too interested in housing. Nor am I particularly thrilled with the prospect of carrying around hundreds of ingredients.

It’s been a while since we’ve been back here.

Which, unlike Enchanting, or even Alchemy, I can’t experiment with and so I need recipes to actually cook food. I’m sure that cooked meals will one day be very important to my progression for some reason or another, but at the moment it’s something I think I’ll leave until I better understand it. Whereas the other crafting options are all covered and I’m constantly researching new things. I’m prioritising things I think I’ll need on my equipment first as the research duration increases somewhat dramatically after one or two Traits are unlocked.

I’ve explored the depths of public and group dungeons now, too.

The group dungeon was an attempt to solo a boss and get a better understanding of how things work. The boss was pretty tough, sporting a two phase engagement that had a combined total of 2.5m health which took some patience. I defeated it, but, sadly, the rest of the dungeon seems a little outside of my soloing capability at the moment. But one day. Maybe.

The public dungeons are quite interesting and are (as I understand it) more extensive and more difficult versions of delves. Delves being miniature dungeons often housing a Skyshard and a boss to clear the event. Whereas public dungeons have multiple bosses, more loot, and quests. It’s nice to be able to engage in group content outside of an actual group, though. Keeps you busy. As if exploring the many areas you have to visit over the course of your personal story wouldn’t do that already. Or the endless number of diversions set to side track you into next Tuesday. In either case, I’m enjoying the available content much more than I anticipated I would. I’m particularly enjoying the close combat style of the Templar.

Have a nice week, all!



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