September to December 2016

The seasonal edition.

‘Tis the season to remember all of the things I’ve done over the last three months. Some of them were pretty good, too. I’d usually post these on the last posting date of the month (which in this case would be the 30th of December), but as this is the last post I’ll be writing this month (and this year) I brought it forward. This way things can transition as they normally would. You just get this post a little earlier, which, to be honest, isn’t an entirely bad thing if you’re enjoying my creative pursuits.

They’ve been surprisingly prominent for the entire year.

Then again, I’ve also had some great gaming content recently. Starting with the wonderfully enjoyable (yet incredibly cheap) Ember, leading to the exploration of the inner workings of my mind (and Cities: Skylines) in Salston Heights, followed by my observations regarding two very interesting titles through both Lost Castle (First Impressions) and Chronicon (First Impressions). I managed to squeeze a couple of JRPGs in there, too. Heavenly Pudding looks at something new while An Evolving Narrative looks at something old. We also had a brief look at the history of every video game ever through Evoland II in Nostalgia Lane.

I even spent some time with Moggie and friends to work on some of the things that I’d started with the previous subscription. It worked out better than expected with most of my long term goals being met quite quickly. Which, in turn, further reduces the number of things I’d like to do before we venture into the content that Legion offers.

Traditional art has been the sole focus of my creative pursuits recently. I’ve enjoyed bringing together different elements and new techniques in posts such as Equal Opposites, Aquatic Owl, Fishy Abomination, Murky Lioness, Leafy Green, Acrylic Ambitions, and Beastly Practices. It also seemed like a really good time for Fruity Nostalgia. Likewise, it was a great time to look at the process of Building an Abomination. Truly an interesting selection of wonderfully diverse posts.

We’ve seen a number of pieces reach my personal site, too.

The first was one that came as a surprise as I didn’t expect the scanned version to sway my opinion as much as it did, but you can decide for yourself when you see Failed Tree Attempt #206. To show appreciation to those who supported my digital painting efforts I slightly updated and finalised the Final Fantasy related “Wark! Wark!”, which was followed by (another Final Fantasy staple) Bomb. I also wrote the first Artist Feature post I’ve done in a while, in which I looked at the wonderfully adorable and exceptionally talented Laura Jane (and her gorgeous traditional art illustrations). They’re always a lot of fun to write (and to see the reception of).

Which brings us to the end of this post and this year of content on Moggie @ WordPress. If you’re curious about how the entire year has looked check this Tweet. It should give you all the statistical data your heart can handle, or, at the very least, a better insight into what I’ve posted. Which is just as good, right?

Have a nice Christmas, all!



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