Nostalgia Lane

I’m taking a trip down it.

I can’t quite recall if I’ve ever talked about Evoland before. The tags would suggest I haven’t, unless I didn’t tag it, in which case that’s not really conclusive evidence. That said, I’ve recently purchased Evoland II and I wanted to do a short post on all of the nostalgic feelings it’s giving me. Those who aren’t familiar with the series may be confused, but simply put it’s a series that focuses on mashing together all of your childhood favourites into one nostalgic heart string tugging adventure.

The second in the series is definitely more developed, too.

The first was interesting and fun in its own way but also quite short. The second isn’t following that trend and actually opens a whole world (with multiple time periods) to explore. Making heavy reference to the story of Chrono Trigger, it plays more like Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. However, there are sections of platforming which may be a reference to the old Legend of Zelda titles on the NES. There’s also a bullet hell section which made no sense. It’s certainly more diverse than the first, it’s also a little less focused on RPGs/ARPGs with references drawn from every genre of video game in existence. Some may appreciate that and others may not.

I’m personally on the fence just as long as I don’t have to do too many more platforming sections. In this way, I’m not as much of a fan of the second as I was of the first due to the sheer difference in control systems. Or, rather, the lack of. Like in the fighting segment. You have the most basic of basic fighting control systems.

There's something about this painting...

There’s something about this painting…

That said, there isn’t a particularly high level of skill required to complete any of the sections- so it’s not too terrible. Just tedious to repeat the same twenty seconds of a map because the input didn’t register properly, you missed the mushroom, and was impaled on instant death spikes. Then again, of all of the genres of video games in existence that I’ve played I would say anything platforming based probably wasn’t my favourite. I’m a fan of Mario because it’s Mario. Which isn’t technically platforming any more in the 3D releases.

But the nods to Chrono Trigger are appreciated.

To this day it’s still one of my favourite JRPGs and I will never forgive the PlayStation Store for not having that or the sequel available on the EU store. Which is a topic for another post. I’m enjoying my time with Evoland II at least. It reminds me of the old days of climbing a tower for two hours, getting decimated by a boss, and having the climb the tower again. Only to be decimated again. It’s also peppered with secrets and side quests which open up many more areas and items. I’m not sure yet, but I do believe that you’ll be able to go back through the time periods with a device or ship akin to the Epoch from Chrono Trigger. I’m looking forward to scouring the areas for secrets at the very least!

If any of the above sounds interesting to you- consider picking it up. If you’re not willing to take the plunge at full price, they’re often on sale in every sale ever from Steam to Humble Bundle for <£5 each. Well worth it, if, like me, you’re old and grumpy and need to relive your glory days. Or associated glory days. As they weren’t really your days.

Have a nice week, all!



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