Assorted Adjustments

Tinkering abound.

Just a short post today to let everyone know that the changes outlined in Plotting Progress have been implemented. I’ve also made some additional changes to recent posts to bring them in line with the rest, often to include something I’d missed/forgotten or to recategorise them. As always, these weren’t critically important changes and if I’ve done it right you won’t even notice anything has changed. But I do like to keep everyone informed.

I haven’t got any further changes planned for the collection of sites. That said, I don’t necessarily plan when things need to be changed- I just notice that things aren’t working as intended. I try not to fuss too much over the sites, though. It doesn’t take too much time to implement changes but it does take time out of the other things I’m doing. Like making content. Or doodling. Or running around in the Orient with nought but a skirt covering my loins. As you can probably tell- I live a very interesting life.

Which totally doesn’t revolve around tapping the keys on a keyboard for several hours a day.

I also spend a fair amount of time scanning things. Isn’t that exciting? I bet you wish you got to do that. Unless you already do that in which case you’re one of the lucky few. You understand the joy of whirring scanner components, the blinking lights, and the excitement of having a cat that tries to climb inside that infernal contraption. I drink coffee, too. Probably enough to kill a rhinoceros. I don’t sleep all that much, though. Probably accounts for the weird things I say. Or do. It’s also not related to the consumption of coffee at all. It’s mostly due to thinking about far too much for far too long and never being able to rest.

Have a nice week, all!



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