Salston Heights

The most sought after residential area in town!

Here’s an overdue post about a recent purchase that was a little different to my usual tastes. You know what they say- college is the best time for experimentation! Not that I’ve been to college in nearly ten years. But I’m still hip with the kids. I swear. I never got old before my time. Cities: Skylines is an interesting (and incredibly enjoyable) adventure in city building. It’s also one of the first of its ilk that I’ve embarked upon, but it’s a lot of fun and I appreciate the simpler approach to many of the mechanics found therein. That’s not to say it’s basic and simplistic- as it’s quite complex- especially in the later stages with a much larger city. I just get the feeling it’s not as complex as other city builders.

The very first city I built was a sleepy snowy mountain town. I feel sorry for anyone living there, though. I built a two lane bridge over water to connect the islands, which probably wasn’t the correct thing to build for that particular purpose. It had a cycling lane, too. Now you see why I don’t work in city planning (or anything of the sort).

But no-one drowned! At least no-one I knew of.

I’m particularly fond of how the city grows organically over time. Instead of building various locations for people to live or work in you allocate zones, which, as people need them, will start to grow across the city. So day by day you see new housing, new offices, new shops, and everything in between popping up all over the place. Likewise, everything is tied to the current population size so there’s always something new to unlock. I tend to find that I expand far too aggressively in the earlier stages, though.

So much to do, so much to see.

So much to do, so much to see.

With this particular city I tried to work within a highly stringent boundary, trying to maximise on the returns (and space) of one area before moving onto the next and repeating that as I expanded outwards. I’m finding that a few of the upgrades come a little earlier than needed, too. Especially those for purchasing more land. Or, at least, that’s how it feels to me. I usually don’t have an area fully developed before they’re offering to sell me another. Not that I mind- I would much prefer to have them earlier than I need than later than I want. I also really enjoy the range of locations to build in, with each offering a different climate and ratio of land to water.

It would be interesting to see the thousands of cities people have built in those locations. I’m not too fond of the locations which feature several smaller islands, but it would be really awesome to see how people have connected them together with various forms of transportation. Be it regular bridges or airports.

Just don’t let me build any of the bridges and we’ll be fine.

I’ll admit, Cities: Skylines is an odd one for me. But this year has been all kinds of odd. What with the return of World of Warcraft, the completion of the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy, the weird and wonderful purchases I’ve made, and the rapid release of creative content (be it digital paintings or traditional everything). I’m having a really great time with this title, though. More than I expected I would. So I thought I’d share some of my thoughts regarding it with all of you.

Have a nice week, all!



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