Ten Year Anniversary

It has been a pleasure.

It was ten years ago (to the day) that I started my very first blog. Shortly after that I joined an art community site, then another, then started another blog, and then I ended up here on WordPress. On that journey I’ve met people, made friends, developed my personal site, employed social media profiles, and I’ve even got a few things that people haven’t heard of yet. Along the way I’ve embraced a lot of changes and most significant of those changes for WordPress is the inclusion of gaming content.

Initially (on my first blog) that was always a feature. In later iterations I had decided to focus solely on my creative pursuits, but it’s interesting seeing how the two different hobbies can interact and how some of the creative posts make more sense now. That said, I’m always trying to keep the balance in favour of my creative pursuits.

But it never hurts to have a few posts here or there about my other hobby.

Or about cats- those are pretty cool, too. As such I’m glad that I’ve been able to talk about Final Fantasy, World of Warcraft, and even Guild Wars (along with Guild Wars 2) in the last year. None of those are as prominent as they once were, but I’m hoping that could change and (even if it doesn’t) I’m happy that I’ve been able to feature them on Moggie @ WordPress. I’m looking to do more content in a similar vein soon. In the future I’m going to have a little less gaming content, but what is available will hopefully be more relevant and of higher quality than some of the posts in the past. However, as always, I don’t really have a map for this journey. So I’m going to develop as and when I feel the need to.

This year has been particularly good for creative content. We’ve seen some older traditional pieces, some newer traditional pieces, and even a few posts about things I’m currently working on. Alongside that we’ve had some digital and traditional marriages, some digital pieces, and even a few digital work in progress posts. It’s quite a fortuitous year in that respect. Given that this would be the year that I would doing an anniversary post, and that, as I said above, I’m trying to keep the balance in favour of my creative pursuits.

So now you get to look back at all of these wonderful posts! Isn’t that great? Besides what already exists on Moggie @ WordPress, it’s likely I’ll be doing a lot more creative posts as the year slowly winds down and everyone starts playing Christmas music in November. Not that I mind- Christmas is one of my favourite seasons.

I might even be spending it in Azeroth this year.

I’d like to thank each and every one of you, too. For all I can write, for all I can say, and for all I can do it means nothing if there aren’t people to consume the content. So to everyone who has liked a post, everyone who has shared a post, and to everyone who has taken the time to comment- thank you! I hope you’ve enjoyed your time here and I hope you’ll enjoy what’s to come even more. I can’t guarantee what that’ll be, but I can guarantee that (at the very least) I’ll be around here for a little while more. Until then, have fun clicking through all of these links and reading all my previously published ramblings. Enjoy the site, too. I’ve spent a while getting it just the way I like it.

Have a nice weekend, all!



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