WoW: Adventures in Azeroth (Pt. 2)

It’s a fishin’ day.

Probably the least developed of all of Moggie’s professions for the reason that I only do it when I absolutely need to. I don’t particular enjoy it, nor does it have much of a purpose outside of a few quests and a few achievements. That said, Warlords of Draenor introduced a new Cooking system which was made much easier by being able to fish in my garrison. So it was about time to take out that rod I never use, attach some baubles to it, and fish for a couple of hours. The good news is that Moggie has now mastered Cooking (again).

The bad news is that Fishing is still trailing by a considerable margin.

On the topic of garrisons- they’re awesome! They remind me of the days of building settlements in Warcraft III. I’m particularly enjoying how organic the growth process is, how easy they are to manage, and how much use they have. I love the idea of things like the mine (where you can harvest Mining nodes every day). I also love that they’re fully customisable.

I did make a slight mistake and build a Forge believing that was for a smelting the ore I’ve found. But the Mine and the associated work orders are for that. That said, the Forge does allow me to craft equipment which Moggie can use. So all is not lost. Especially if I’m missing a very particular piece of equipment that I can easily craft myself. I’ve still got the ability to upgrade Moggie’s garrison one final time, so I’m sure that will give me the opportunity to fill in another building or two to cover what I would have built in place of the Forge. Probably somewhere I can access my bank or perhaps an auctioneer (if that’s an option). I’m really enjoying the garrison concept, though.

I have no idea what I'm standing in...

I have no idea what I’m standing in…

Mists of Pandaria was quite an enjoyable experience, too. I cleared through the Lvl 85 to Lvl 90 levelling experience in two zones (and a few straggler quests elsewhere). That said, I don’t actually mind that so much as I can experience other zones on other characters with a fresh perspective. Unlike, say, Cataclysm, where Moggie finished most of the quests in pretty much every one of the areas while levelling from Lvl 80 to Lvl 85. Could also throw Voljaarn (Troll Enhancement Shaman) out there as well. Get the Horde perspective.

Warlords of Draenor has been pretty awesome as well.

I’ve always liked alternate history/universe stories, though. The visuals, the quests, and pretty much everything has been fantastic so far. I’m quite excited about going for the achievement which unlocks flying, not only to be able to fly but to be able to explore more of the world. There’s a myriad of hidden goodies scattered across this world. Some are pretty powerful, too.

I’m not entirely sure where Moggie will be going after he reaches Lvl 100, either. I want to do the other pre-release events if possible. I’ve already had some fun pushing back the various invasions across Azeroth. I wasn’t particularly good at it- but I was there. Which is probably a twofold problem of both my current level and the quality of my equipment. Neither are probably at the level they need to be to do pre-release events. But, they will be later. There’s also a whole list of places to explore, dungeons to solo, raids to attempt, and various other things to see out in the world. So I don’t think I’ll get bored. I might go for a few lava baths with ol’ Ragnaros (Molten Core) for some nostalgic dips down memory lane.

Have a nice week, all!



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