Shieldless in Drangleic

I’m going to die. Probably more than usual.

Dark Souls II is one of those experiences I don’t tend to talk about. Not because I hate it or anything like that, but because I haven’t finished it yet and always assumed that I would come back to (and finish) it later. There’s only one slight problem with that plan- Steam (or something) ate my previous save file. Which isn’t too much of a loss as I only lit two Primal Bonfires, was near the third, and I didn’t really like the character to begin with. So now I get to experience the whole adventure again! With all of the knowledge (I don’t have) from the first time.

I do remember some things… but I don’t know how useful they will be.

Early thoughts led to the formulation of a Sorceries character with unlimited blue shimmering arrows. Or as near to unlimited as I can get with all of the purchasable Soul Arrow spells. That said, I’ve always felt I was too defensive and even as a Sorceries character I’d be tempted to hide behind a shield. So- how about we get rid of the shield? It’s not like that could ever end badly.

I didn’t start as the class that uses Sorceries from the very beginning, though. As I do want to have some element of close range combat in this build for the times that Sorceries aren’t effective, I run out of them, or for the enemies that aren’t worth a whole Great Soul Arrow. I picked up thrusting swords as my weapon(s) of choice as they have low requirements and can poke forwards rapidly. Meaning a consecutive chain of attacks is much more likely. They also use a fairly low amount of stamina, which means I have more left over for casting my various Sorceries and rolling away. As there will be much rolling with a character that can’t block anything from anywhere.

Shower him with Soul Arrows!

Shower him with Soul Arrows!

I’m looking to add Raw to those thrusting swords as the extra damage would be nice and I’m never going to take advantage of the scaling with these statistics. Unless I find that Magic or another type scales off of my Intelligence. Which will be steadily increasing alongside my Attunement for some time to come. This build reminds me a little of the one I used in the first Dark Souls, except it’s in reverse, as that build used Dexterity weapons and only used Sorceries as a secondary ranged option.

It’s definitely an interesting way to experience Dark Souls II.

I’ve learned a lot about the movement speeds of enemies, too. I’m used to having to block or roll away probably because of the weight of my character, whereas, with this character, I have such a low equipment weight that I’m able to simply walk out of range. Unfortunately, lighter armour has less defensive statistics and so when I do get hit it hurts.

Also, have I ever mentioned that I have terrible depth perception? ‘Cause I do. Which actually makes this a little more difficult than it needs to be, as I always feel like I’m out of range right before I get run through with the sharpest blade this side of Majula. Or I fall off of things. In fact, funny story, I have the achievement for dying for the first time just five minutes after starting the actual campaign. Any guesses as to how that happened? Yep! I fell off of the first jump in the entire adventure. All for an item that meant nothing to that particular character. In fairness, they did switch the jump button and I didn’t realise.

Have a nice week, all!



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