Undead River

What a great vacation destination.

You can see corpses, more corpses, and even a mountain of corpses- isn’t it great? I wouldn’t recommend going unless you have some protection in the form of any class in your current universe that knows something akin to Turn Evil. Or Banish Evil if you really want to be mean about it. You also might want to take a blunt weapon as they often have bonuses to dealing with the recently resurrected deceased. Or, if you’re of a necromantic persuasion, you could make friends with all the hungry zombies and rabid ghouls. The choice is yours!

That said, we’re not here to talk about a fictitious amusement park filled with the undead.

We’re here to talk about digital art and various things I’ve been working on. First on that list is a scenic landscape which… is really hard to talk about. For two reasons, the first is that I rarely know how my landscapes are going to evolve and the second is that digital art is a strange beast. At least to me. Which is why I’m doing so much of it at the moment to try and get it to be a little more natural. I’m also really enjoying the ability to overlay colours over other colours. Which I can’t really do with any of my traditional materials besides acrylic paints. That said, I’m quite happy with how this piece is currently progressing.

Cosy little place to rest for a while.

Cosy little place to rest for a while.

It also looks completely different compared to the very loose reference image I had for it. However, I like the little additions and I’m finding (with little surprise) that finer details and being able to work closely with the piece suits me best. As if I needed any more reassurance after my adventures with Copic Multiliners.

I’ve become more familiar with the way that digital art feels. Which is a difficult thing to explain to newer artists when they want advice, as you become accustomed to the way a particular material or composition feels and so it becomes natural. It is almost like your hand retains an amount of muscle memory for certain things. Digital art, for me, is no different, as I already have that feeling for traditional art. How soft or heavy to apply the material. How to hold the material to get the particular effect. What additional tools (if any) you can use with that material.

It sounds a little silly when you try to explain it but it’s a part of the learning experience.

Oddly friendly.

Oddly friendly.

The second on the list is a little doodle of a random undead creature. They seem friendly now- but they’ll soon be chewing on your flesh and making a smoothie from your brain. I wanted to try an exaggerated expression with this doodle. I don’t do those often. Probably for good reason. I do enjoy the 0.05 pen. It’s oddly versatile and it doesn’t seem to scratch on textured services, which the Copic Multiliners used to do. Or still do. It’s not like I’ve thrown them away. I’ve got a good feeling about these pens, though. I foresee a great number of inky doodles in the future, each more interesting and intricate than the last.

In any case, this was a continuation of becoming more familiar with my new pens and how they feel compared to the Copic Multiliners. It’s a shame that I’ve been focused on digital art as heavily recently as I haven’t had many chances to use them. But, hopefully, in the coming weeks, that will change and I’ll get to play with all my shiny new toys.

Have a nice week, all!


Art, design, and the like found herein (unless otherwise specified) is drawn and owned by David Wilkshire (also credited as Moggie) from 2006 to present date.


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