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Thus we reach the end of the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy. It started with Adventuring on Gran Pulse, led to the story of the Paradox Police, and now closes with Lightning’s final story as the saviour of souls for the dawn of a new world. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is certainly a unique entry into the Final Fantasy series. It may be the only main series instalment (or sequel of) where you have only one playable character. That said, it is an adventure filled with nods to previous instalments across the entire series.

While it feels a little more like Diablo II or Dark Souls than Final Fantasy, it’s nice how they managed to merge the elements of Final Fantasy into a single character adventure where you’re afforded a (surprising) amount of customisation. I particularly like how each weapon seems to be designed around a particular purpose or use within a set of skills.

The same could also be said for the garbs which make up your Schemata.

Unlike other instalments in the series, there are no direct benefits to developing your character through combat. Besides any money, abilities, or other items dropped. Lightning is entirely developed through the main quests and side quests she completes. However, there is a twist- you only have thirteen short days to complete everything. So, if you’re diligent, like I was, you might be able to complete almost all (if not all) quests in one run. It’s more likely that you’ll need to come back to a few in New Game+, though. Not that quest completion carries over to New Game+ along with everything else. That said, that does give you more opportunities to become even more powerful as you attempt to tackle the new challenges of Hard Mode.

New Game+ is an actual restart of the story this time, too. You don’t defeat the final boss and then continue playing afterwards (as you did in Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2). You will lose a few things like quest completion, some key items, and the Ultima Weapon/Ultima Shield. I’m not really surprised the Ultima equipment disappeared, though. It’s sort of story related and ridiculously powerful. It’s unlikely I’m going to attempt New Game+ at the moment, but I intend to get back to it at some point in the future and experience the extra challenges and content therein.

I’m glad I took the time to pick up the trilogy and play it through in one long run. I’ll admit it has side tracked me a little here on Moggie’s Proclamations, but I am looking to dive straight into all sorts of things over here now that they’re all finished. Hopefully that wave of content will include a particular chocobo that we haven’t heard much about in a while.

I think I might be getting that familiar itch for JRPGs again.

Then again, it’s not really all that surprising considering the entire Final Fantasy XIII trilogy lasted over two hundred hours. You don’t get that kind of value for money all the time. Also, while I have finished the main events, there are all sorts of secondary things for me to undertake. Like finishing off the ruin on the fourteenth day in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. Or fighting some of the more challenging enemies on Gran Pulse in Final Fantasy XIII. So it’s not completely over yet. It’s been a strangely nostalgic year in that respect. Many older inspirations or habits returning, while, sadly, some things have been lost. Some that are irreplaceable. With loss comes new opportunities, though.

Have a nice weekend, all!



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