The Ballad of Caius

I apologise profusely for that.

As a forewarning this post contains very light spoilers. While Lightning’s Story: Requiem of the Goddess is a post-story DLC, it doesn’t really reference the post-story events if you don’t have the story content in the explanations or videos. Which I don’t. As copyright claims caused me an inconvenience which led me to change what I’d upload and share. Still, if you’d prefer not to know anything about Final Fantasy XIII-2 then I’d suggest you turn away now. Or click the back button. Or even close the window.

Don’t even think about clicking on the YouTube video below, either.

Lightning’s Story: Requiem of the Goddess continues the events of the main story to what some may consider a more satisfactory conclusion. Personally, it feels more like an introduction to Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII to me. In that you’re fighting as only Lightning in a series of two battles which have fairly different rules compared to what you’re used to.

The first and most interesting of those rules for those who are fighting for the first time is that dying is kind a good thing. As, whether you win or lose the fight with Caius, you’ll still gain CP which will advance Lightning’s roles and abilities. Second of those rules is that none of her Paradigm Roles are actually featured in the main story. For instance, while a Knight is sort of like a Sentinel it functions with a completely different ability. So, if you’re like me, and took a Blast Wave to the face because you wondered why reducing the damage would matter, you’ll be pleased to know she has a complete immunity ability as a Knight. Thusly, you take no damage. Not less. So, there are a few things you’ll need to adjust to.

The next most interesting part of this is that Lightning at full strength almost can’t die. In that, the only way you could lose is to switch to the Conjurer and just cast buffs on yourself over and over again. Even the Sorcerer would actually damage/wound Caius. That said, you will hilariously get an incredibly bad score for using Lightning at full strength due to how easy it is. But you can also weaken or strengthen Lightning if you’d like to adjust the difficulty. So don’t worry if you accidentally hit full strength.

In fact, I think you always hit full strength once you’ve defeated Caius in the second phase.

If you’re successful against Caius in the second phase (with a five star rating) with Lightning below Lvl 10 you’ll get rewarded with a Paradigm Pack addition. The Knight of Etro variant of Lightning herself, as a rather powerful Commando with many unique(?) abilities which probably make her the best Commando you can acquire. With a considerable amount of health, too.

Needless to say- it’s not for everyone. You’ll need to adjust to different mechanics than you’re used to, you’ll be fighting alone, and you’ll only have the stock items and abilities the DLC affords you. But it does close off the story rather nicely and opens the transition into Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII quite well. Which is actually my next stop on my journey through the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy. As I’d like to complete them all in order. Rather looking forward to the next one, too. Oddly, despite Lightning being the only playable character, the equipment list is vastly broader than in the previous two instalments. The combat also looks to be quite the change of pace as well.

Have a nice weekend, all!



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