Eight Months Lost

Well, that’s unfortunate.

Google+ did a thing. Or, rather, I did a thing that Google+ misinterpreted and now I’m missing a whole chunk of content. As in (an estimated) 60-65% of all of the posts I’d previously shared over there, with the only exceptions being anything that was in the creative collection. Ironically this all started with a collection, too. As I wanted to set up a new collection to hold all of my Moggie @ WordPress posts to make the page more organised. However, many things occurred that shouldn’t have occurred.

Most notable of these was that it didn’t move the posts to the collection- it shared them.

Which means, as they were never part of the collection, merely shared to it, they shouldn’t have been deleted when I removed the collection as it wasn’t working correctly. Indicated by that fact that (unlike the creative collection) everything added to the new collection was shared to my main feed. Kind of like I’d shared external content onto my page. Needless to say, I was incredibly confused as I’d only shared a new post to the creative collection not five minutes prior- and that worked fine. It quickly became apparent that posts were missing when I reloaded the main page feed. Then, after skimming the remaining posts, it became painfully obvious that everything that wasn’t a creative post was now gone.

With that I’ve lost a considerable portion of eight months worth of work. There doesn’t seem to be any way to recover my Google+ page and revert it to a previous state, either. So I’m pretty sure the posts are not coming back. This doesn’t really leave me with that many options (and many of the options I do have aren’t that appealing).

Which probably means I’ll be clearing the remaining content on Google+ soon. As while there are ways for me to fix this- I really don’t know if it’s worth the time. Something I’ve noticed recently is that Google+ doesn’t give you any sort of page statistics if you’re under two hundred followers, and as such it doesn’t help me understand how or why I’m getting views. There also seems to be a broad disparity between the results per post and the overall page results. For instance, I’m at nearly six thousand views and yet the highest viewed post is under forty.

Most posts are under five and the remainder all sit at a lonely zero.

So how, why, or from where I got those six thousand views I don’t know. Given that the primary reason that you have statistics is to see how people found you, what they were looking for, to give an indication of if it was relevant to their initial query, and how long they’ve viewed your content it’s odd that Google+ has hidden this. Especially considering YouTube has a wealth of statistics that can even tell me really specific (possibly irrelevant) details. Like whether someone viewed my content as it was suggested to them and then whether they followed on to my profile page. In this way, I’m not sure if keeping the page as a backup social media site is even worth it. Unless I can get the followers that I need in order to access this information.

I’ll make a decision regarding Google+ by the end of this month. There is a chance that I might not remove the other content, but it’s likely that it will become a social media page to bridge the others together opposed to one that has a singular purpose. Any links that point that way will likely be removed, too.

Have a nice weekend, all!



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