Adventuring on Gran Pulse

The wildlife is certainly something!

When first introduced to Gran Pulse you’re experiencing what was common in Final Fantasy as a series but not in Final Fantasy XIII as instalment. A sprawling world filled with danger, treasures, exploration, bosses, and the ability to experience any or all of it at your own pace. You also (finally) gain the ability to choose your own party and experience the breadth of the various Paradigms which are available. However, this freedom does come at the price of sometimes being overwhelmed or simply outmatched.

Particularly with the Cie’th Stone missions which are quite literally all over the place.

Geographically and in terms of difficulty relative to numerical ordering. Exploration is key with Cie’th Stone missions, as often you’ll be unable to find new missions or the ones you can find are too difficult for you to complete. They’re also useful for opening up new areas or mechanics. Most are tied to the achievements you can unlock, too. From a character development perspective it will be when your characters unlock the highest level of power they can attain (pre-completion). That said, while I have mastered the three primary roles each character has- I’m hesitant to invest in any of their secondary roles. Mostly because even with over 700k CP I’m barely able to fill one of those roles out.

They’re also vastly statistically inferior to primary roles and cost a considerable amount to unlock and upgrade. Often at very little benefit. As there are few who will gain the range of abilities or effectiveness in that role as someone who has it as a primary role. That said, some secondary roles for certain characters open up abilities that the primary roles don’t.

Gran Pulse is (unsurprisingly) home to some of the rarest equipment, accessories, and components. Often hidden behind any of the myriad of challenges this harsh world has to offer, but usually worth the price of admission when you start acquiring some of the most powerful items. Like the Genji Gloves. Or the Growth Egg if you’re going for those character development achievements. It’s quite amazing how much there is to do and yet how little there seems to be available to begin with. It seems fairly linear- but it isn’t. Not by a long shot.

You probably won’t be able to do it all on your first visit, either.

Leaving isn’t permanent- but it likely will be for most people who will move on to finish the story and defeat the final boss. I didn’t return the last time I finished Final Fantasy XIII, but this time I intend to go back and acquire a few more achievements and maybe even try to clear all of the Cie’th Stone missions. It’s been fun, though. If nothing else I’ve had a good time. It also brought back some great memories of playing the Final Fantasy series when I was younger. That said, this isn’t the end of Final Fantasy XIII- I have the whole trilogy to get through and I intend to do just that! I’m particularly stoked about what Final Fantasy XIII-2 has in store for me.

I was going to talk about creative things today as I’ve been working on something new. That said, I don’t have too much to share regarding that particular piece besides a rather hilarious sneak peek I posted over on Twitter. I should have it finished soon. So, if you don’t see it in the next post it should be in the one after. I have been playing a lot of Final Fantasy XIII recently. So, this post seemed to fit as I could talk about something I enjoy and do something slightly different in the process.

Have a nice week, all!



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