March to June 2016

Continuing the most literal of post titles.

I wasn’t originally intending to do another post in the same vein as January to March 2016, but it certainly was a lot of fun to write and more than likely helpful to readers to highlight some of the better parts of the last three months. It’s definitely following suit with the three months before it by being quite creative. We’ve seen a few gaming posts sneak their way in, though.

One particular post slipped past the previous summary, too.

Which would be the announcement that Duriel was now on my personal site (complete with an eight year comparison). That was quickly followed up with a couple of posts talking about new techniques and/or approaches, in the form of both Painting Pencil and Bleeding Ink. The next piece to come to the site was the heavily detailed Slasher, which was followed by a celebratory post highlighting many of the styles I’ve used in the past titled (rather aptly) as Diversification. We weren’t quite done with the new pieces as Draenei Paladin followed soon after.

Taking a step back from new pieces, we saw the release of Unnatural Entities which highlighted some recent pencil and ink approaches to scenic/landscape elements. I then decided it would be a good idea to call it a day with One Horn Bill, and get to work on the next conceptual piece through the digital demon featured in Glossy Eyeball. It wasn’t long before Toothy Grin signalled the release of that particular piece, too. Following that was a discussion of materials and new ink pieces through Ink Reaver. It’s been an interesting few months which has yielded an increasing amount of creative posts, which I’m really proud to say has been the case as that was one of my goals throughout this year.

I had a case of the Interstellar Blues as I fired my thrusters into the great unknown in Rebel Galaxy, which was soon replaced with confidence as I had a comfortably successful Diablo III hardcore run in The Storm Breaks. That was followed by an entirely accidental supremacy victory in Endless Legend as I travelled Across Auriga.

We also saw the return of an old friend.

World of Warcraft made a surprising appearance for a free week of mayhem, soloing, flying into the wrong places, attempting raids, and other tomfoolery which is highlighted over Nostalgic (Pt. 1) and Nostalgic (Pt. 2). We then looked at a recent acquisition in Loyalty Discount, only to follow that up later with a full review detailing how I felt about Hard Reset Redux. Early in July I’m looking to put out some more gaming content, too. Should be an interesting post if you’re interested in Moggie history.

I’ve yet to do a post about it here on WordPress (and likely won’t), but I’ve also updated my personal site to have a little more information (especially surrounding what each piece was made with) and I’ll be doing some more updates going into July. So, if you notice anything looks different- that’s supposed to be different. Unless the site completely disappears. That would probably be the result of the younger of the cats pressing her paw down on a key and erasing my code. In which case, please e-mail me! I’ll forward it to her even if she can’t read English. That’ll learn her for trying to find somewhere warm to sleep while I’m doing my typey internet business. (Just kidding, she keeps me warm as well.)

Have a nice week, all!



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