Hard Reset Redux

They warned us about the machines rising up.

Hard Reset Redux is the newly released and definitive version of the original Hard Reset featuring enhanced visuals, improved performance, rebalanced gameplay, a new enemy type, updated enemy placement, and even a new weapon. It’s also available at a (currently) permanent discount for owners of either the original Hard Reset or the more recent Shadow Warrior (2013). If the permanent discount wasn’t enough, you also get the Hard Reset: Extended Edition included with your purchase.

This cyberpunk FPS follows a fairly linear story from the perspective of Major Fletcher, but does allow for limited character and weapon development which provide different bonuses relevant to different situations. Most curious of the mechanics is that there are only two firearms available throughout the entire story. (With Hard Reset Redux providing an additional katana.)

However, both of these firearms can be upgraded to unlock different modes.

Rather than switching between different weapons (and different ammunition types), you’ll be switching between conventional damage (in the form of the CLN Firearm) and plasma damage (in the form of the NRG Firearm). Both of which are available from the very start of the story. In the base automatic assault rifle mode the CLN Firearm consumes one ammunition per shot, while the shotgun mode consumes more ammunition, and the rocket propelled grenade mode consumes further still. It’s a slightly jarring mechanic to be introduced to at first. As, usually, you’ll have different ammunition types for different weapons, and so you’ll switch to a different weapon when that one runs dry. But in this case you can’t.

They've got an explosive personality.

They’ve got an explosive personality.

That said, the CLN Firearm and NRG Firearm use different ammunition. The ammunition also regenerates when it falls below a certain threshold. It’s also littering just about every map you find yourself exploring. So you’re not likely to run out too often. However, this does lead to my first (minor) criticism of this title- bullet sponges. The enemies seem to take a fair amount of ammunition to put down. This probably isn’t helped by the fact that the default CLN Firearm does seem entirely inaccurate even when upgraded.

There are ways to improve how much ammunition you can carry and how quickly it reloads, too. However that leads to my second (minor) criticism of this title- upgrades. Often times I felt they weren’t even worth the time spent collecting Nano to unlock them. Even health or armour upgrades which are usually incredibly useful in any situation.

Those criticisms aside, it’s fun to play and can get quite fast paced at times.

It doesn’t feature an incredibly long campaign, either. Time will vary depending on whether you’re hunting down secrets or going for level completion, and there are quite a few things hidden on each level if you’re a fan of exploring. It’s definitely worth the price of admission at the discounted price, though. A little rough ’round the edges at times, but the visual style and sheer diversity/enjoyment in levels makes up for that. There are multiple difficulty levels as well. Some which I do believe are only available once you’ve finished the campaign, so if you’re a fan of tougher enemies and further challenge that should keep you occupied for a little while.

Have a nice weekend, all!



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