Loyalty Discount

The best kind of discount.

For all the criticism that Steam receives I feel that there are a few things they do which are pretty neat. When I pre-purchased The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt I got roughly 20% off as I had the previous titles in my library. In the most recent sale I realised that they’ve changed the bundles in their store now, too. It used to be a case that if you purchased anything from a bundle you could no longer buy the full bundle again. It wouldn’t apply to your account. The best example for this would be the Doom Classic Complete bundle.

The Master Levels for Doom II isn’t sold individually. However, they sell the other three (Doom, Doom II, and Final Doom) individually. So if you didn’t buy the Doom Classic Complete bundle to begin with, you wouldn’t be able to pick up the Master Levels for Doom II later on. Now you can. As they’ve updated the bundle system to allow you to complete bundles.

The refund system is also a step forward.

Today we’re looking at the recent release of Hard Reset Redux. I’ve never played Hard Reset (though I do believe I’ve played the demo) and so I didn’t think the 85% off discount would apply to me. However, they’ve also extended this to those who’ve previously purchased Shadow Warrior (2013). So, I’ve just picked up Hard Reset Redux for less than £2.50 with no additional purchase required. On top of this, you also get the original Hard Reset when you buy Hard Reset Redux. So I’m pretty happy about this situation. It’s definitely going to be worth it if it’s anywhere near as fun, or as interesting, as Shadow Warrior (2013) was. From the achievements it seems to follow a similar formula.

You can imagine it smells like gasoline everywhere around here.

You can imagine it smells like gasoline everywhere around here.

There are a few interesting things going on in this one. Firstly, you don’t seem to have different weapons but different modes of the same weapon. Secondly, the ammunition that you have is shared between all of these modes. Thirdly, it has a pretty sweet upgrade system a little like what you’d have found in the first two BioShock titles. Whether there is enough Nano to fully upgrade everything in one playthrough remains to be seen. It’s also odd that Nano seems to fill a meter rather than have a numerical amount.

How much that bar is worth and whether or not each time you fill the bar it increases the amount you need is a good question. It seems as though you get bigger and smaller infusions of Nano when you find secrets and the like, too. It’s an interesting little title thus far. Save for a few of the enemies being a little bullet sponge-y from the start.

I also wish they explained some of the upgrades a little better.

As when I first bought the upgrade to see Nano on the map I wasn’t aware it showed inside the health, shields, and ammo display area. It would be nice if there was a help screen to illustrate where that shows up. Or flash that area when you purchase it to let you know. I don’t believe it shows anything if there isn’t any Nano in the area, so if you’ve already cleared that location it doesn’t become apparent until the next one where that upgrade is. I also found out I have a secondary plasma weapon when I click F2. But I might have missed that hint/tooltip at some point during the opening level. It’s an interesting change of pace in terms of enemy and level design, though.

Have a nice weekend, all!



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