January to March 2016

The most literal of post titles.

I thought it would be nice to look back at some of the highlights of what ended up being a very creative start to the year. I realise it’s not the end of March just yet and we may have another post before April, but, I doubt anything major is going to happen in said post, or if said post is even going to happen at all. As always, I have dozens of projects that I’m either planning out or planning to start. So, hopefully, the content won’t dry up any time soon.

Initially we had some early hints of new traditional art in Graphite Haze. These bled over to New Approaches which focused on the updates to the collection of sites, older content here on WordPress, launching the Google+ page, and even bringing the pieces on the site to much higher quality standards.

In doing all of the above I was able to resurrect (and bring to the site) He Who Brought Life.

Following this was the deliciously humorous Not Mushroom Inside and even a work in progress post in the form of Traditionally Painting Digital Trees. The latter being a rather odd inclusion, as I haven’t really focused on digital art that much in recent months. Following that was How You’ve Grown which was the final version of that digital piece. This has certainly made for a diverse set of posts focused on various materials- both traditional and digital- which has really helped Moggie @ WordPress develop more content. That said, there is a stronger focus for traditional art in the coming months with some of the projects I have in mind at the moment.

There’s been a fair bit of gaming, too. Kicking the New Year gaming off talking about my Rocket League experiences in Fun With Balls, and exploring some of the recent changes in Diablo III through both Return to Torment and Anomaly Monk. I followed that up with the first review in a while for Killer is Dead. Then I got into some Early Access shenanigans with the incredibly enjoyable First Impressions of… Portal Knights post.

I’ve also invested a fair bit of time into the classic ARPG goodness that is Grim Dawn. With my release post Darkest Before Dawn, and then the full review in the form of Aetherial Possession, both of which have been a long time coming as I’ve really been interested in this title for a while. As you’ll well know if you’ve followed me for any period of time between March 2015 to March 2016.

I also slipped into a little nostalgic PS Vita action over in the Old Man Gaming post.

This pretty much concludes the activity over the last few months. There are a few stray posts that I’ve not mentioned here, which you can find over on the Art and Gaming pages (respectively) if you’re interested in seeing what those were about. As mentioned previously, I would love to be able to add more content for the site(s) on my PS Vita adventures and I’m currently looking to see if there’s a way to easily do so. However, even if I can’t, there should be some mention of gaming regardless in the coming months. I’m likely to even get a little further in Guild Wars 2 whenever I can find the time to squeeze it into my posting schedule. Can’t promise it, though. I’m known for being unable to play MMOs consistently month in month out.

Have a nice week, all!



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