Return to Torment

Wherein I explore the vast number of changes that have occurred in my absence.

In an unusual turn of events I’ve decided to explore these on my first Crusader. She’s built around two handed weapons, a shield, fire damage skills, and heavy defensive capabilities. This is unusual because I’m always looking to improve my first Barbarian who was (until now) the highest DPS character I had. However, I’m finding it increasingly difficult to improve his defensive capabilities in equal measure to his offensive capabilities. Whereas the Crusader is a beast.

Or (more accurately) has recently become a beast.

Fairly new and inexperienced but given the best start with the early acquisition of a Maximus that rolled fairly decently. Most important for her was the Fire Skills Deal 18% Extra Damage affix (which I believe is a guaranteed roll on this sword). This coupled with the overflowing amount of reasonably decent +Strength equipment (acquired between Torment II-III by the Barbarian) gave her enough to easily push into Torment herself. However, her limited success with making any progress through Torment led to her being left in Torment II. In the past week she has shattered almost every expectation I had by pushing herself into Torment IV (with ease) and Torment V (at a push).

While originally coming close to the Barbarian with 1.037m DPS she’s now completely surpassed him with 1.362m DPS (and rising). This is due to several good rolls on drops, reaching Paragon 160+, and upgrading all of her gems with the ridiculous showers of gold I’ve been getting recently.

"The crusade marches on!"

“The crusade marches on!”

These are mostly due to the (first) visit to The Vault along with two Gilded Barons that dropped an insanely high amount of gold (20m+) each. I could switch out one of her existing gems and give her the Boon of the Hoarder (of which I have two) to generate as much money as I need. That said, it’s not a priority as I literally have nothing to do with said money. Other characters on my account have all been boosted in several areas with the recent influx of Paragon levels. While I’m nowhere near the heights of Paragon 1000 (and/or above)- it’s an improvement.

The repetition has begun to set in, though.

Which is really why I’m not already at Paragon 1000 (or above). While I’m more comfortable with the changes, developments, and general improvements they’re making… it’s still not the Diablo III I think I wanted. It’s a good title overall. If it’s what you’re looking for. However, for me, there’s still too much repetition in the later stages. Upgrading is a slog and (for the Crusader’s weapon) there are few ways to make it not so. In Diablo II there were options to gamble for specific weapon types. Swords, maces, mauls, axes, and so on. Which is a change I’d love to see introduced for Kadala in Diablo III. Right now you’re gambling on every single class of weapon and possible drop every time you spend some Blood Shards.

It has been fun. To say anything otherwise would be a lie. I’ve also got more than enough hours out of it to more than cover the amount I spent on both the base game and the expansion- so anything extra is just a bonus now. Still, this is the pattern I’ve developed with Diablo III. Play for a couple of weeks and come back in six months.

Maybe I’ll feel differently in the future. But, for now, I’m enjoying what I’ve got in the characters I’ve invested time in.

Have a nice week, all!



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