Fun With Balls

I’ve had some.

You wouldn’t believe the number of Rocket League matches I’ve played to unlock the seasonal items. I wouldn’t believe the number of Rocket League matches I’ve played. Though, to be fair, I had quite the mountain to climb having not unlocked many of the other items up to that point. Having started playing in late November 2015 I was quite far behind the curve.

That said, I’ve managed to unlock quite a few of the achievements (and all of the items) now.

It was kind of funny as I thought I had one of the seasonal items but it turned out to be a standard item. So, for about four days, I kept counting that as one of seven. Before checking a list and realising that wasn’t even on it and I had even more work to do. However, I played some online matches and had some fun with the new hockey inspired mode. That’s a really difficult alternative style of play to be thrust into- even if I did score within the first ten seconds of being there. It was a fluke, I tell you!

During the Steam seasonal sale I decided to snag a copy of Legends of Eisenwald. I’d been thinking about buying a few things on and off during the sales but could never really decide on which I wanted, and so, in usual fashion, I bought something I wasn’t even looking at because it looked pretty good. Not sure which of the three characters/character types I’m going to play just yet. Probably Heinrich as he has options to wear heavy armour, wield huge weapons, ride a horse, and he generally fits the characters I usually like to play. However, Elisabeth, as an archer, is also a promising choice as I get to command more front line units.

That was a good match.

That was a good match.

I decided to revisit Diablo III, too. In the last six months (which is roughly how long it’s been since I last played) there have been quite a few changes. There’s now only one set of crafting materials (regardless of level), there are new crafting materials (obtained via caches), a whole new customisation option (in Kanai’s Cube), Infernal Machines no longer require keys, Torment VII-X now exists, Nephalem Rifts have been overhauled, Adventure Mode is differently balanced, and I’m thoroughly confused.

However, I think the changes are positive and allow for more character customisation.

It’s going to be interesting seeing what they decide to do in the coming months and with any future expansions. They seem to have a better, more coherent, more understandable design process for Diablo III these days- which is great- and hopefully will provide high quality content over the next year. Will I be around for that entire year? Who knows.

The next couple of months will be interesting for a few different reasons. We’ve got the full release of Darkest Dungeon coming later in January, we’ve got the full release of Grim Dawn coming in February, and there’s a few things I’ve been meaning to get around to. Which, given that I’ve been saying that since November last year, I’ll probably be saying that in a few months time. They’re not pressing matters (or even that important). Just things I would like to improve, polish, or generally spend some time on. That said, I have already invested a bit of time into doing these things. It’s just a case of finalising the changes and making sure everything still works. In any case- I’ll keep the blog updated with relevant details.

Have a nice weekend, all!



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