Collected Pieces

You might have noticed that I really like organising things.

Well, no, that’s not entirely true- I don’t necessarily have to organise things. I just find they’re easier to access when I do. Which is why I’ve finally taken the time to create an Art page to offset the Gaming page I created last year. I figured it was time to have a centralised location on Moggie @ WordPress where you could find all of my pieces (and related posts) if that’s what interests you.

This also ties into a small (but quite critical) change to the main site. For those who frequent it (or have been over there before), you’ll know that I summarise the recent WordPress post regarding a new piece and provide a link back to Moggie @ WordPress (to the full post). However, until now, it hadn’t occurred to me to actually provide a direct link to the new piece on the main site itself. You could always go through to the category, select the piece, and view it that way. But never directly. So I fixed that.

Hopefully these changes will make the content (both new and old) more accessible.

Have a nice week, all!



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