Sir, You Are Being Hunted

At least I know now why these robots are trying to kill me.

Sir, You Are Being Hunted throws you into a tense survival situation spread across five different islands. You’re tasked to gather food, gather supplies, avoid murderous robots, explore the various islands in turn, and hopefully find the teleporter fragments you need to return home. Pretty much every aspect of the adventure can be tweaked to your preferred approach when generating a new world. You could, if you wanted, have five islands with exactly the same region. You could also pick a profession that has weapons and ammunition from the start of the adventure.

One thing I feel that this title does well is it never gives you an overwhelming advantage.

The tools to survive do exist in the world and it is up to you to find them. The aforementioned professions adjust the difficult curve slightly but they aren’t professions in the sense of giving you a list of traits, abilities, skills, and so on. They’re closer to roleplaying a particular background or character type. (There are no traits, abilities, or skills present in the game.)

Which is where I find the most common comparison to Don’t Starve to not ring true. In Don’t Starve each character has a particular perk or affliction which will affect the game or change it entirely. Sir, You Are Being Hunted pretty much throws you an average everyday person and the professions only affect which items they start with. Therefore, if you’re looking for deep or varied character development you’re probably not going to find it here. That said- I think the lack of character development makes it more enjoyable. There are no advantages to be had except those you create for yourself. Likewise, as the world is generated each time you play, there is no chance to find a certain item in a certain place every time.

Tread very carefully and quietly.

Tread very carefully and quietly.

Stealth is the core mechanic. You will need to think carefully about how to approach a situation, which distraction items to use, and how you can get those fragments back to the boat and/or main island. Inventory management is key and you should only really carry what you absolutely need as you can never tell how big the fragment will be. These qualities come together to create an experience you have seen in other titles but never quite like this. Even down to the lack of being able to sell or purchase items. We’ve seen it before- but it works so well here.

Living off of the land and what you can find has never been quite as terrifying.

It’s quite difficult to explain as I think everyone will take something different away from the experience. The things you usually enjoy in other titles (such as exploration or gathering items) will likely be found in some way here. This makes it really accessible to a variety of gamers- regardless of skill level or previous experience(s)- but still provides a solid experience that can challenge you several times before you return home. Which is a pretty rare quality in modern games (in my opinion).

It has a certain charm to it that older gamers might appreciate. There are no Steam achievements (at the time of writing) and a lot of the content is measured by how much you want to do, how much you want to explore, what different character styles you want to attempt, and so on. It’s pretty much something you will get as much or as little out of as you want to.

Have a nice weekend, all!



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