Steady Recovery

We’re hitting a strange kind of happy medium. (There’s an art pun in there.)

Creative pursuits of mine have been a continually returned to point of discussion over the last two years. It’s an odd feeling really. Given that I find those creative inclinations are as much a part of me as anything else- yet they feel so foreign- which leaves me a little empty. It’s not really a case that the inclinations haven’t been there… it’s just that I wasn’t happy with the things I was doing and wanted to try something different. Something new. Something unique.

Of course, there have been issues over those two years, both related to creativity and not, which have shaken things up.

However, this year has proven to be something of a mystery. While I had figured that things were pretty much done earlier in the year there have been a few new pieces, these have touched every category on the site, and I’ve actually found new ways to put that art out there. Using Twitter to share the odd WIP is actually a pretty good idea as it helps to bolster current content.

I think that’s something that carries over from being on deviantArt, as, I feel, there’s a sort of implied obligation to continue posting even if you haven’t really got anything new to share. Which leads you to being pressured into putting something out there- and feeling bad when you don’t- but you never feel good about putting out unfinished scraps. Having Twitter to bridge that gap allows me to share things I like but won’t necessarily make a post for here. Or, as I have done quite recently, use them to form a post of sketches and scribbles that people can enjoy. I think that leads into how I’ve managed to get pretty much everything where I want it to be.

I’ve tried some new social media options this year, dropped a few older ones, started a few new projects, and really settled into my collection of sites.

I don’t feel like I need to change or update them as much now. Nor do I feel that there are useless sites in the collection. It’s all running rather nicely and to expand upon that with a range of new pieces, across several categories, using a range of media, and even exploring digital more closely is a bonus. It’s far from perfect- but it’s a recovery nonetheless.

Of course, this is only a small part of a much bigger problem in my personal life. Still, I like doing this- I like sharing things. I’m glad I started to do a bit more focused on gaming and my other hobbies rather than just keeping it all about art. Mostly as my art is inspired by a lot of the fantasy worlds I’ve explored in various video games- or taken directly from them in fan art- and to share what I enjoy (and what inspires me) helps to illustrate that. (More art puns.)

Just thought I’d share this with you all.

I assume a number of you are here for the creative pursuits more than the gaming ones (or it could be both) as I’ve carried a collection of followers since the blog first started. Which, back then, was all about the art. But I think it’s important to grow and to diversify and to offer more to people who might very well be like me in the sense that they like art, gaming, and perhaps are even artists themselves.

Have a nice week, all!



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