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Otherwise known as Handmade Fanciful Geekery Potions & Fairy Things.

Well, we haven’t been here for a while have we? For those who don’t know the Artist Features are just what they sound like- I feature an artist I like, or who I think deserves recognition, or generally someone that does things that I think will fit the viewers of this blog. Or all three. Or sometimes I just feature awesome people ’cause they’re awesome. Which is why we’re looking at HazyHappiness today as her Etsy store fits all of the above criteria.

Given that there’s one thing I universally like and will play (RPGs) and many of her products are inspired by that very thing.

I’m also fascinated by the creative process behind making crafts. I’ve always been more of an illustrator or painter than someone who works with clay, wood, metal, glass, or other neat things like that which is why I love to see it. As, even the simple things, I think it’s cool that you’ve taken an idea and turned it into something tangible.

Potion Dangle Earrings

Potion Dangle Earrings

If I were more of a collectibles kind of person I would have a house full of curios, trinkets, and other goodies. I’d also be insanely poor. But, I feel few things fit an Etsy store as well as inexpensive crafts which look neat. Lots of people would be willing to put down $10 for a neat little craft which has all the hard work, individuality, and character as something they would make themselves if they could/wanted to. It’s one of the greatest things about the creative mindset- it’s unique to the person doing it. You always put a little of yourself into everything you do which gives it a certain kind of charm.

HazyHappiness features many of the above things. From necklaces to earrings to trinkets– it’s all there- and if you’re someone who enjoys RPGs and RPG inspired things there’s sure to be something you’ll take a liking to. I know my younger days of playing Diablo II were filled with many ideas of trying to replicate their more ornate potion bottles as a tangible product.

One of the other things I really like about this store is the opportunity to look behind the scenes with work in progress photos, new product idea photos, and a surprisingly delicious looking amount of baking over on their associated Instagram account. Why this makes me happy, besides the cakes, as I do love cakes, is because I love to see the process behind things. I love to view the materials, the different techniques, and the various components that go into making a finished product. It’s kind of like a tutorial but without a step by step explanation of the things that go on. Which is great for me as I’m awful at following tutorials anyway.

I’m sure there are other social media sites you can follow this store through as well. Which, actually, is one of the highlights of this store- they actually have a reasonable social media presence without finding the need to be on every site ever. It’s nice that they know where their product(s) work and focus their efforts there.

I suppose, as all things that happen on the blog, artist features have evolved from a simple overview of the artist/their product. That said, I do think, as an individual creator, there’s a lot to be said for people who make the effort to create a solid experience. Which I can’t find any fault with in this case. They’ve not been doing their thing for very long but they’re already off to a great start which can only get better.

Have a nice week, all!


Art and the like found within this post (unless otherwise specified) is owned by HazyHappiness.


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