Upgrading to Unity 5

I’ve been excited about few things as much as I was excited about this the other night.

I wasn’t too interested in the upgrades that came along with Unity 5 (mostly as I never read the upgrade notes) but after somehow finding myself looking at them the other night, realising a lot of once Pro licence features were now in the Personal licence, realising the Personal Edition was a thing, and generally being all a flutter with the various things that I could possibly now do with it- I just had to get it. For those who have downloaded previous Unity versions this one seems to be a bit heavier, takes a bit longer, and downloads a bit more from the internet during install.

The standard assets in Unity 5 have been updated and now feature many awesome things that you previously didn’t get. Such as high quality water and ocean prefabs. There’s also a few trees utilising the SpeedTree features. Not to mention a few really useful models, some prototyping things, and general awesomeness abound.

Unfortunately it doesn’t include some of the things that were included in the previous standard assets like Skyboxes and the number of textures it offers is a wee bit shy of what it used to offer. However, if you still have the assets from Unity 4, or if you have a project that uses them, you can simply copy them over and they’ll update mostly without issue to the new version. There are some things that you’ll need to go through and sort out (or at least I did) such as the Skyboxes which you need to fix for the HDR settings. It’s pretty simple, though. They literally give you a button that you press and it makes it all nice and shiny again.

However, when all is said and done- the fifth version of Unity is beautiful. It really is. There are some really nice additions to the base functions, the character controllers for both third and first person are massively improved, there are some nice test assets (including cars and jet planes), and if you have a nice collection of assets otherwise you will be able to bring this all together for a great project. I’m really stoked about the water, the new shader options, the new physics options, and the whole SpeedTree deal personally.

For those who visit the blog regularly you’ll know that I have a few Unity projects on the go at the moment.

I have the first- the very first thing I ever built in Unity- which I likely won’t finish/update. I also have the second and the major project (I guess you could say) which has been a bit shaky for the last month or so. Besides finalising the combat and equipment systems and creating a new area it’s pretty much playable. However, I don’t know what I want to do with it yet. I have already revisited the skill system once and I don’t necessarily want to waste the time doing so repeatedly due to my inability to decide on a path and stick to it.

The major questions in my mind are all about the progression in the game. Is it going to be story based? Mission based? With a party? Or on your own? I have all the relevant systems implemented to do all of the above but it’s about deciding which to stick with and follow. Which causes me no end of stress.

I have, finally, kind of, decided on the assets I would like to use. So that’s something at the very least!

Have a nice week, all!



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