Doing the Things I’ve Always Wanted To

Sometimes you find the best of luck in the worst of situations.

First and foremost many of the elements surrounding my personal site are where I’d like them. I dropped Facebook and haven’t really had a use for it for so long the move was long overdue, I updated many of the things here on Moggie’s Proclamations to make it more comprehensive, I started actually using Twitter rather than just posting everything there, and I’ve shared a number of new adventures as a result of all of this. (Including work in progress photos on Twitter, streaming over Twitch, and recording over on YouTube.)

While the last two aren’t specifically related to my personal site, if I didn’t have this very blog, which I started for the site, I wouldn’t have a platform to discuss these things.

Twitch was a bold move for me as, well, for many years I’ve wanted to do streaming/recording (lord knows why), and I finally made the push. This led to YouTube actually having a purpose as I needed somewhere to put the recordings of said streams. It also taught me many new things about both streaming and recording.

I remember the first time that I done a stream and I was messing around with OBS, tweaking settings, testing upload speeds, and doing all sorts trying to make the experience enjoyable for all involved. It was a lot of fun- but I was out of my depth in so many ways. I knew people who done streaming and recording before but I had no idea how any of these things actually worked. I did have some experience with encoding and compression and the like so that helped. But the first time out? I had no idea what I was doing. Which, looking back on it now, is hilarious given I have everything working as I would like it at the moment. Could stream at a moment’s notice I could.

If you follow the channel you may notice that there’s a good few videos on there.

As for the future of the channel who knows where it will go. At the moment I’m just enjoying creating, editing, uploading, and sharing the content. It’s not much work as I don’t have too many things going on and I get to play awesome games in the process. There is very little bad about the entire situation. I didn’t get to add some things to the channel as I was hoping but that is for many different, unrelated, and expected reasons.

I also learned how to code in C# so that I could use Unity for many a game project. None yet finished, or even close, but they’re in development, and it’s really cool knowing that I can even do that. Never was much of a coder past my old Visual Basic days. But here we are. It’s got a long way to go- but at least it has been started and is somewhat under way.

So, yeah, it’s been an interesting ride, I’ve got my site and related social media where I want it. WordPress is looking fantastic. There’s content available on YouTube. Twitch, Instagram, and Google+ are still very much open and viable options. Facebook is out. Etsy is sort of in but that is tied to commissions and the like. While it hasn’t all been rainbows and sunshine for the last twelve months- it’s coming along. I don’t know where I’m going next and I can’t guarantee that I’ll be putting out as much content as I currently am to YouTube but I will try! Got a few great games coming along in May!

Have a nice week, all!



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