Knosass – 2015 – Pencil – click for full view on site!

“The monsters have tooth and claw! But, you- you have Zeus like bolts you can throw and I have things to sell you.”

The voice acting is definitely one of the highlights of Titan Quest. Y’see, often in ARPGs, it’s like watching one of those 50s science fiction movies where the lead character is a rocket pilot called Chad Daring or somesuch. Where every other word is combobulator this or astro that. Where every possible science fiction trope is thrown in and you are half way between laughing yourself silly and cringing with every other line. Titan Quest raised the bar to actually provide themed, well delivered, interesting, and emotional dialogue. Where NPCs like shop keepers aren’t mute gold sinks. It’s cool. Well, at least I think so.

That said I will never forgot Gharbad from the first Diablo. “Gharbaa~ad no kill!” Great, great times.

But! I digress. This is not what we’re here to discuss and discuss it we shan’t! Even though we kind of already did. During my time playing Titan Quest with my newest character (in a push to actually finish the game this time) I became slightly enraptured with the character design. Well, what character design there actually is.

I broke the tradition of playing every game for the first time as a warrior to switch to a magical character. However, in a way, the tradition still holds as this isn’t my first character per se. This meant I saw the world in a whole different light- spells, pets, light armour, really big sticks referred to as staves- all this wonderful stuff. Though I’m not too green with mages in ARPGs as I had many a successful Sorceress in Diablo II, I’ve tried a few in Grim Dawn, I’ve played around with the ones in Sacred, and so on. Still a nice side step from fully armoured and stabby.

Knosass - 2015 - PencilOne really funny thing about this character is his name.

I was thinking about what I should call him. I didn’t want to pick any particular kind of name like Roman, or Greek, or the like which is why I chose as I did. Yet it was always in the back of my head that I’d heard that name- or something similar to it- before. Turns out one of the places you go is called Knososs. So, uh, yeah- I guess I had heard it before.

I would say that this piece is probably coming back into the kind of level of work I want to produce. I’m probably running at 80% capacity as it were. Not entirely going as I wanted but it’s close enough that I can patch up the problems as I go and experiment all the while. Which is something this piece features quite a bit of as I wanted to try some new shading styles for the anatomy, for the clothing, and generally everything. Posing and the composition therein is a bit shaky but I can’t have everything. Not yet, anyway. Then again the posing and composition issues are purely down to the fact that I kind of leapt into the piece.

I should have really played around with the angles and the options I had before committing to any one thing. Still, can’t say I don’t like it. It’s also the best piece I’ve done in months.

The second in a short while, too. Couldn’t be more opposite in terms of subject matter! Aliens and ancient warriors with mythical powers who slay dangerous Telkines. Though, again, I’m not complaining about this- it’s like my brain- all over the place!

Have a nice week, all!


Art, design, and the like found herein (unless otherwise specified) is drawn and owned by David Wilkshire (also credited as Moggie) from 2006 to present date.

Titan Quest, Telkines, that guy who sells you things before the first Act boss, and all associated trademarks and devices are owned by Iron Lore.


2 thoughts on “Knosass – 2015 – Pencil – click for full view on site!

  1. His name is somewhere between the Greek word ‘gnosis’, meaning knowledge, and No Sass, which is what you ain’t gonna take. A brilliant Moggie character name.

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