Giving it a Go

You know those times when people said you could do anything if you put your mind to it?

Those are the times I should have closed my ears (or filled them with noise cancelling ear plugs) and whistled innocently. For anyone who follows me regularly here on WordPress (and for that I thank you) you’ll know that over the last few months there have been many a new thing popping up- streaming, videos, developing with Unity, and much more. Recently I covered all of my streaming efforts and how they’re going, Developing with Unity had the first development video post, and there has even been new art to discuss and enjoy.

There is more to come, too! There’s new art, a review, and all sorts scheduled and ready to deploy on WordPress.

I’m also branching out from the streaming side of things and trying something new over on YouTube with some, well, I guess you could call it episodic content. Think of it as a Let’s Play but without commentary. The videos run for between 25-40 minutes each and they cover the game from the start.

Whether or not I’ll continue until the game is complete is open to several different interpretations. At the moment it’s merely an alternative to streaming. I’m not entirely sure if I want to keep doing the streaming thing yet (or more accurately if I want to keep streaming regularly), and this is a way to try something different. At worst it will be a collection of say three-four videos per game to give them a bit of an introduction and so that you can enjoy the gameplay. However, it is entirely possible, and a thing I want to do, that you’ll get the whole game from start to finish. Commentary is as yet optional as I don’t really see this as a Let’s Play just yet.

Seriously, the people who do Let’s Plays, regardless of whether it’s their livelihood, are insane. That’s a lot of work. An awful lot of work. Especially when they do it every day and post several videos a day. Sure, it’s only 3-4hrs of finished video- but that probably takes a lot lot longer to actually produce.

If nothing else, if it does replace streaming, then there will be three episodes average per game which adds up to roughly the length of one stream.

This does mean that I’ll be dropping the XCOM: Enemy Within series of streams. Not for any reason other than, at least for the next few weeks, streaming is on hold and I don’t really see the need to keep holding onto that game until/if I pick up again. But there’s nothing saying there won’t be some content behind that, too! Anything is possible. For those curious as to why I’m holding off on streaming for a while, well, I don’t really know if it’s for me. I have always wanted to do some kind of video thing and I’ve always enjoyed watching people stream. However, at the same time it’s something that takes a lot of work and that I don’t always have time for.

I don’t want to cut the streams up and do little less than an hour streams but I don’t always have the time to do 1hr 30m-2hr of streaming. While, the other night, at whatever time of night it was, I was able to put together two videos and upload them individually. At whatever date. Which suits me better as I can create it and upload it easier.

Have a nice week, all!



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