Gothic fantasy and Risen tides

As I look forward into the month of March I see me becoming older.

Though, it could be said, and often is, that you get older every day. Little by little. Hour by hour. Minute by minute. However- we’re not talking about age today! We’re talking about what is to come in the wake of Dragon Age: Inquisition. The fantastic RPG experience which kept me enthralled, overjoyed, stressed, and thinking for over ninety hours of game time. Not to mention the many hours to come, the different choices to make, the different characters to take, the different stories to hear, and everything else that is waiting for me in the Nightmare run just over the horizon. So, yes, what to do next? Where to go next?

Amidst the many disruptions in February I’ve watched more than a few Let’s Play videos on YouTube and one particular series, or, rather, developer has caught my eye.

I’m looking at the Gothic series and the Risen series. Both older RPGs from the same developer. Both following along the same lines until the latter half of the Risen series begins to delve into the world of pirates, muskets, and cutlasses. I also know that the Risen series starts with glowing praise only to get a little tarnished as the series goes on.

I’ve already played the fourth, and furthest detached, of the Gothic series. As it isn’t really connected to the others as far as I’m aware. It wasn’t a fantasy epic nor did it last forever- but it was enjoyable. So that leaves the first three in the series. The very first I’m having issues getting my head around with the strange and kind of understandable control system that utilises a mouse but doesn’t. It also utilises a keyboard but doesn’t. Neat, huh?

Anyway, these originally sparked my interest as a lot of people said that despite their shortcomings they were really good games.

I also get the feeling that they can be fairly long/large games if you play them correctly. That’s one good thing about the rise of games where the story is but a portion of the overall content. While you can rush through content and finish the story in next to no time- there’s a lot more out there if you go looking. Which I do. Which I’d like to find more games where you can.

Despite the differences between myself and Lords of Xulima, which isn’t a bad game at all, just not the game I expected, I can certainly say there is a lot to do and a lot to explore. The story is there but it isn’t the overall focus. Exploration is. But, sadly, I find few games nowadays where you can actually really invest heavy amounts of time in exploring and absorbing content. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning was definitely one of those. Surprisingly the Darksiders series was another. You’d think it’s all hack and slash- but it’s not. There’s a lot of secrets, collectibles, and other awesome goodies to find out there.

Of course I would need to buy Risen at some point. But that is usually in Steam sales regularly and often with a heavy discount.

But, yes, the Inquisition no longer has need of me, and so I am back in my funk. My funky funk. My funky funk that makes no funking sense. If nothing else I always have a few games I can chill with for a while until I figure something out in the longer term. If I figure something out in the long term.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, all!



One thought on “Gothic fantasy and Risen tides

  1. Game funks come and go. After an extended funk, I have finally joined the Inquisition. So many places to explore and things to do. Oh wait, is there a storyline I’m supposed to be following?

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