Developing with Unity (Pt. 6)

Full speed… reverse?

As odd as it may seem considering my recent progress with my Unity project I am thinking of starting over. Fresh. Something new. Something different. Or, as is more likely, the same but better than it currently is. Now, before you brandish your pitchforks and torches- I have my reasons! Let me explain! Oh, why won’t you let me explain?

To be honest I didn’t really know what Unity could do. Or what I could do with it. So I went into this project pretty much blind. I didn’t have any of the resources or the statistics or just about anything planned out. I’ve been winging it the whole time, which, so far, hasn’t worked out too badly. However, as I add new features like skills and the components attached to those features it is starting to become somewhat… tedious? Cumbersome? Unwieldy?

As an example think about any skill from any game you’ve ever played. It has a cost, sometimes a cooldown, sometimes a duration, and it can generally be improved. In this example that is four new variables that need to be introduced. For a simple skill. Which, while it is easily added to the code, it is not initialised with the rest of the statistics unless we start a new character, or add in something to set those values. So, every time I add a new skill I’m adding several new values which, as I haven’t planned them, are pretty much made up on the spot, which then I need to get working or else the GUI and keybind and everything else doesn’t work as it should.

While (as noted above) this is all very easy from a coding perspective it’s a more difficult experience for the testing and implementation phase(s).

Therefore, if I had just a simple framework and had something to work off of it would be a lot easier to do. Now, while I could also just draw up the framework and add it to this one, which wouldn’t be overly difficult- I want to trim a lot of the fat out of the code. I want to get all of the bloated code and strip it out completely.

That and I haven’t really thought about where I want things to go and how I want the character to progress. Plus, I do want to add classes with class specific skills and some other things that will make it a lot more enjoyable to play. Or test. As the case currently is. This doesn’t necessarily mean a lot of work for me in the short term as a lot of this is coding related and I can still use the bits that aren’t overly bloated with unnecessary code. It does mean I would be starting again from scratch.

But I reckon within a couple of hours I could have a basic and working character creation up and running.

To be fair, much of the time, if not half of it so far, was spent testing new components and working out all the bugs and various errors that a simple script can introduce. Not always. Some just work. But only when I sacrifice a goat to the Goddess of Harvests under the first full moon of every month. So, sadly, not very often. I don’t think it will be too detrimental at this point as most of what I have is just systems and statistics. With a framework, a set of statistics, and an actual reference I could probably get through it several times faster.

Have a nice Sunday, all!



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