Developing with Unity (Pt. 5)

Character creation creation is a blast. No, that’s not a typo- it’s a week of work!

One of the things I’ve had since the very beginning is a very crude character creation system. It’s not pretty, it doesn’t have textures, and it’s basically a box- but it works. It also allows me to build a general framework for things like statistics, statistical formula, which values to save, which to load, which need to be set at the beginning of the game to a default value, and really how to get everything working when there is a reason to have a character creation system.

Recently I’ve taken the time to update all of this to something a bit more pretty and a bit more functional.

I’ve also added in some basic skills and skill levels so that you can actually unlock/learn a skill on your first level during creation and distribute some attribute points. However, these functions also leave a lot of room to build in things like different character races, traits, and other neat things like that. While, at the moment, I’m not planning to have those- it never hurts to have the ability to.

Low resolution background textures that look awful are the best!

Low resolution background textures that look awful are the best!

That and it doesn’t look like a completely horrid grey box on a black background. It’s now a grey box on a low resolution skybox texture. Improvement? Maybe! The point is that everything is roughly where I want it to be and there are some neat parts of it (like the skill choice complete with skill windows) that I can pull out and use in other parts of the GUI. This is probably as close to done as it will get until I start texturing. I am quite happy with it, it serves its purpose, it gives information, and it allows me to clear my values and start over when I make major changes.

The other thing that came with all of this was developing a way to make skills actually usable. Previously I would show a blank GUI.Button where the skill would be, but, no longer, it now has functionality complete with cooldown. All sorts of background calculations go on and calculate if you have enough mana, if the enemy is in range, if the cooldown is active, and so on.

Therefore, with the basic combat system from the previous post, and the improvements in this post, the combat is really starting to take shape.

You can wander around, encounter enemies, fight enemies, kill enemies, receive experience, receive gold, get hurt, get healed, die, save, load, and do many other things. The inventory system is also functional in the sense that it’s there but it doesn’t actually do much. However, it does display the gold value and items found in lootable objects can be added to it. The next step in this journey is to begin to build some kind of equipment system and to actually get those items to do something. Which probably isn’t as difficult as it sounds as I have all the values for the items already created and stored.

Then we’ll be at the point where the character is created, can encounter enemies, can improve their equipment, and can work towards levelling up. Quest systems and some kind of log to follow once all of the terrain bugs are sorted out. Then it’s onto story and such. Oh and dialogue, quest rewards, bosses, dungeons… the list is quite long.

I have to admit that I’m in a little over my head with this particular project but I don’t regret trying to do it. It’s a challenge if nothing else.

Have a nice weekend, all!



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