Developing with Unity (Pt. 3)

Today we’re not talking systems, development, and code- we’re talking GUI instead!

One of things I wanted to implement fairly early was some form of UI for the player to interact with. While this helps the player (as is the purpose of a UI existing) it also helps with the development process as I can check whether statistics, UI element interactions, and other awesome stuff is actually working or not. Again, while it could be added later, it’s probably better to add it now and make sure all of it works rather than try and implement something that may or may not work later.

It also accelerates the time scale in which I can actually have a playable game.

Imagine if you didn’t have a UI and you went into combat and your only indicator of your survival was if you got a game over screen or not? That would be terrible! I will not have terrible things within my development! Well, besides the things that I think are good but are actually awful. Of which there will no doubt be a few over the coming months.

As mentioned in my previous Developing with Unity post I am using the Unity GUI tools. I am considering using the OnGUI functions instead, as even though you can’t place these so accurately, they are slightly easier to use. Or, rather, they don’t require as much to actually get them working. As, at the moment, my GUI is stored in a prefab which I add to each new scene as and when I need to. However, that only works to a degree as you need to link any game objects within the scene back up to the GUI. Whereas a script with the OnGUI functions would just draw them and display them regardless of where the character went, fully inclusive of all connected game objects, and a pretty much easier to handle experience overall.

Both systems have drawbacks and benefits.

In my case it would also mean I can scrap three prefabs, probably five-ten scripts, and a bunch of other stuff which would make the development process smoother and less resource intensive. All of this taken into account, I am not going to do anything just yet, as I am currently rewriting and polishing all of the old game systems. Much to do!

Speaking of rewriting and polishing the old game systems I now have some new features. Such as a save system that continually and automatically updates your saved character file to make sure you’ve always got the current health, currency, and all of that other good stuff stored. I am also working on tying this into a checkpoint type system for each area so that on death you will return to the last checkpoint. At the moment it just returns you to the character spawn position which is good enough as I only have one scene.

However, I will go forward and fix that to get it working as intended in the next update of the systems and engine.

I’ve also implemented a fairly crude but working combat system where an enemy can look for, find, and attack you when you get within a specific radius of them. It’s fairly basic at the moment and I need to find a better way to differentiate enemies- but it’s working. Which means you can fight and/or die. Basic combat calculation systems included. Tying into this quite nicely is a new character creation system with all new statistics and the like. So there’s a lot going on right now.

Have a nice week, all!



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