“I’m blue and I have a beard.”

That’s a pretty accurate representation of Moggie in game and out of it, too.

As you may have noticed I pretty much disappeared in the latter half of January. Half of this was to do with the sweet tempting siren song of Unity and its delicious game development tools which have so completely captured my heart. The other half is that there’s stuff going on in the house which has kept me away from the things I wanted to do. Then there was a sprinkle of indecision and complete confusion as to where to go next.

Confused yet? Yes? Awesome stuff!

To be honest, of late, I’ve been staring at my Steam library and asking myself what I want to play. I’m currently on a New Game+ run of Rogue Legacy in which two of the bosses are dead and two remain, but, as I have finished it, and I really only started playing the New Game+ to see what it was like, it’s not a major contender right now. I still play it here and there. But as the main story portion is down I’m fine with where I am there.

I’ve also got Full Mojo Rampage that I dip in and out of from time to time. I was also planning to actually get really into How to Survive and try to finish the story portion of that. However, as I have mentioned a few times in older posts, I have been playing a fair bit of Lords of Xulima. Which I will admit I’m having a hard time playing now.

Not in the literal sense that it’s too hard for me to continue or anything like that. But… I’m bored? I think that’s the best way to describe it. I’ve outfitted my team with some pretty nice equipment and rarely find any new equipment worth having. I explore maps and do nothing but run back and forth trying to get random encounters to pop. I’m also really tired of these areas that burn your food resources incredibly quickly. They’re not aggravating in any sense other than you need to spend a few thousand back at town to replenish your supply. Which is peanuts cash for me. So it’s more a tedious excursion than a seriously difficult mechanic.

I don’t know. I guess the game isn’t really what I thought it would be? I mean, it is fun, but only until it becomes tedious. Which is fairly quickly. I even enjoyed Dark Souls more than I’m currently enjoying this- and that is saying something. I played the Risen demo the other day and I would rather buy and play that than continue with Lords of Xulima.

Which actually sounds a lot worse than it probably should.

I did start a new character in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning the other day, though. I really like that game. I didn’t have too much success with my sneaky stabby Rogue type but I think that’s because of how I built her and what she was using. I could probably respec her to have a bow and use different talents to actually be remotely useful, dangerous, or awesome. Or all of the above. But for now I started a new magic using character who is blue and has a rather fetching beard.

He currently hits things with either his staff or his dual chakrams. Both are really nice options. Honestly, so far, I haven’t had too much difficulty playing on Hard. Despite the fact he has minor health, next to no defensive statistics, and even his spells are fairly limited at the moment.

Have a nice week, all!



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