Developing with Unity (Pt. 2)

Today we’re talking systems, development, and code. Pretty much all we ever talk!

After I got to grips with the various things that Unity could do, got a bit better at C# scripting, and began to understand the logic behind the creation process I started working on the core systems. Admittedly this is quite a difficult task when you’re just working from an idea and you don’t actually have anything tangible. But I’m going with this creation process for the first project as I know that when I come back to the scripts, systems, components, or whatever else that needs to be improved it will be easier to do so.

That and I don’t really want to plan out such a large project with all these bells and whistles that I would likely be able to code but wouldn’t know how to.

I never could take naming my characters seriously.

I never could take naming my characters seriously.

I’m also trying to keep it fairly simple for the time being so that I have something to show for it in a reasonably short space of time. Say a month or so. Not that I would have a fully completed and tested game in a month- but I’d have something playable at the very least. Otherwise I would have this half finished “it will be finished one day” project staring at me.

I can’t really say where I’m going with this or how I want it to play out in the end. I do know that I want basic things like magical attacks, equipment, an inventory, some form of currency (or maybe multiple currencies), and a few other RPG staples. I’ve already started working out a few basic elemental types of damage so you can be more resistant to one than the other or some will hurt more than others. It’s very difficult to fully explain without seeing it but it is there.

The style of the game is something a little Diablo-ish but a little Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning-ish, too.

With that I mean that you’ll generally be facing enemies like you do in Diablo and having a number of them on you at a time- but defensive, evasive, and other similar strategies would be useful. Of course at this point in time I’ve not even implemented basic combat so who knows where it will go? Or how it will change?

However, the reason I am looking at this all now even before I have a basic combat system in place is to make sure I lay some good foundations. Even if it’s a few basic things like defining the attack damage type when calculating combat algorithms- it helps. These are things that, when I return to them, or develop them, they will at least exist so there is something for me to work off of. Rather than having to find a way to implement all of that later which may or may not work and cause me any number of headaches, bursts of profanity, and such. As that would just be really unpleasant for all within earshot of my cloud of profanity.

Namely the two cats. One of which is far too young to hear words like that.

I’ve also started developing the basic UI for the game which I am currently using the “new” Unity GUI tools for. Some of which is a little more difficult than I would have given it credit for, but, well, what about this project so far has been really easy? None of it! Which is why it has been so fun!

Have a nice weekend, all!



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