Full Mojo Rampage

Who do you voodoo? Oh, wait- wrong game. Disregard.

Full Mojo Rampage is a delightfully dark and comical adventure where you are a powerful voodoo spirit who can summon amazingly useful Loas, wear fashionable pins into battle, and develop your character in a number of ways. They say it’s Rogue-like but I tend to think it leans on the side of Rogue-lite as, despite quest progress, almost everything else is saved upon your eventual (and continual) death. They also say it’s like Binding of Isaac but I’ve never played that.

First and foremost the game features a steep learning curve where you will more than likely die a couple of times before you get the hang of it. However, in many respects, as you can empower your character upon death, you are actually doing yourself a favour. That and farming old quests is something you’ll likely be doing a lot of so this is helpful nudge.

An indicative example of what the game entails.

An indicative example of what the game entails.

Outfitting your newly resurrected previously deceased summoner is a combination of various things.

Pins are the most varied of the options and will range from the simple statistical upgrades to extra inventory slots, extra equipment slots, damage reduction, extra gold, and such. Next you have your mask which doesn’t add any statistical benefit (or at least none of mine do) but it makes you look the part. Then you have your Loa which defines the key abilities that you’ll have for this particular quest. These are quite varied from protective charms, to healing spells, to extra speed, to being able to set the ground aflame. You start with only one choice but over the course of your journey you can unlock more.

The choice of your Loa is actually one of the highlights of this title as you wouldn’t believe two active skills and one passive skill could change so much- but it does. You can easily notice the benefits of having the extra healing potential of one but in some cases you want that extra punch of another. Better yet, as you’re limited to one per quest, you have to think ahead as best you can.

Each quest is randomised each time you play. This means you may get a shrine or two in this one or an event in another or maybe you’ll see some swamps in place of the lava pits you saw before. Unintentionally (or maybe intentionally) this actually adds an element of excitement to the title. You can’t play it safe and take the ones you know work for these areas- as you don’t know what the areas are- so it’s down to your ability to maximise the potential of the chosen combination. After completing each quest you can unlock a tougher version of it.

While on your quest you will also find many usable items and pieces of equipment. The usable items can be anything from healing potions, to reusable attacks, to one time buffs, and so on. The equipment increases one to a number of your core statistics temporarily making you faster, fire quicker, more damaging, or more durable.

The randomisation, combined with the questing system, and the variety of equipment, means you can very easily get a lot of hours out of this game.

While all of the above sounds impressive- this is barely scratching the surface. There’s the great music, the colourful visuals, the quirky events, the comical text, and so much more to discover along the way. You really can’t sum this game up as it’s huge! Definitely worth the money if you’re looking for something a little different to play.

Have a nice week, all!



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