I Warned You About This Year!

The year that everything changed! You can’t deny it- I still have the post!

Though this news is about a week old (praise be to our scheduling overlords) I’ve dropped my Facebook for Moggie-related things (down the toilet and flushed it away). There are many reasons for this, but, before we get into the whys and wherefores, let us remember the better times I had on Facebook.

Well, that was quick! In a really condensed version of my full list of reasons, it comes down to the fact that I’ve gained very little from having that social media profile for Moggie-related things. It seems to be nigh on impossible to do anything with a Facebook page nowadays unless you pay for advertising, your followers do some internet trickery, or you basically post the same thing a dozen times in hopes that one of them will show. Who would ever have thought that even if you Like something on Facebook that you didn’t actually want to see anything at all from them? Oh, right- Facebook.

I don’t really use it for much at the moment as I don’t know what else to do with it. I usually let my WordPress updates bleed over to there and sometimes post the odd photo or teaser or something… but there isn’t a defined strategy for that one. Then again I have a mixed relationship with Facebook at best. I don’t even want my personal profile half the time.

That said, it isn’t gone forever and completely unable to come back- it’s sitting dormant.

But as the week goes on I’ll be removing various links that go to it, including the ones on WordPress, and the ones on my site, while I won’t (at present) be replacing them with anything. I have a replacement in mind but it isn’t finalised yet. Meanwhile if you’re looking for something else to follow me on there is Twitch and the newly updated links on the sidebar to your right. That is definitely for gaming streams at the moment but I might do some digital art on it at some time, it would be best, as I won’t advertise elsewhere, to follow me on Twitter if you want to know when I’m streaming and whatnot. I also talk about cats, baking, spam messages, ice cream sundaes, and more.

I feel that Twitter is in a good place at the moment and that I’m engaging a lot more, not to mention branching out more, with it. While I have nothing bad to say about WordPress at all. It’s probably the best social media site I have. My site even pales in comparison to the wonder and joy that can be found among the archives, in the tag cloud, and amongst my posts.

If you like cats, gaming, art, old people things, music, food, baking, random thoughts, sarcasm, and such. If not- why are you here!? Just kidding. I love you all. Even you, Ivan. I know that some people don’t like your facial hair, or your taste in wine, but you’re always welcome to come and sit by my fire. Stroking your beard. Drinking your wines. While we talk of many adventures and worldly pursuits. You’re not everyone’s cup of tea- and you’re not mine either as I like coffee- but you’re okay.

Have an awesome week, all!



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