“Steam, it’s not you- it’s me.”

My heart breaks a little whenever there is a Steam seasonal sale on. It breaks even more when I’m struggling to take advantage of the deals.

Now, don’t get me wrong- I love to save money. I also don’t enjoy spending money when I don’t necessarily need to. I’m just finding it harder and harder these days to take advantage of any seasonal sales that are popping up as I simply don’t want anything.

I spent some time the other week reorganising my Origin library as that is where the Mass Effect trilogy lives. It’s also where Dragon Age II lives. It’s now where Dragon Age: Origins lives as there was no point in having that on Steam as there wasn’t any achievement integration, progress tracking, or really any reason for it to be on Steam in the first place. As I went through my library I noticed a few other titles that I didn’t need installed as they were older games where the expansion pack was just a whole new game. Including the original game. So the base title and the expansion are not actually required together- only the expansion- as that is where the playable content is.

But then as the Steam sale came up I was thinking about all the titles I wanted to buy. Of which there were surprisingly fewer than I even anticipated. Shadowrun Returns was a definite purchase as it was ridiculously cheap and I wanted to break into that series, while, rather spontaneously, Castle Crashers ended up in my library too. I have been keeping an eye on a few other titles as an attempt to break into a few new genres but that was without much success, sadly.

It seems that I’m just buying the odd game here and there rather than anticipating a full list of them.

I’ve tried some outsiders like Bulletstorm (which was pretty good albeit short) and Hammerwatch (a nice retro throwback). I’ve bought some I expected less but got a lot more from like Legend of Grimrock (a solid dungeon crawl) and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (an engaging and enjoyable title). I’ve also got a handful of titles I’ve yet to play like Krater, Metro 2033, and the Overlord series. But as the number of unfinished games gets lower by the month there is little to take its place.

I don’t know. I guess it’s just a little sad as usually a Steam sale is a time of excitement and joy… but not now? Not that there isn’t a lot of new games coming out all the time but more that they’re not really sparking something with me. I reminisce fondly of the days when I first played Fallout 3- and many others for that matter- but I can’t ever recreate those experiences.

So I’m trying to find new games to create new experiences with. I hope that the Icewind Dale series, the Baldur’s Gate series, Planescape: Torment, and Dragon Age II will all bring some great and fond memories together. I also have no doubt I will remember a lot of things about Shadowrun Returns for a long time. I guess that’s why I started gaming in the first place. The stories, the memories, the enjoyment, the successes, and the failures. To have those experiences in a thousand different worlds with several thousand different characters.

I hope everyone else is making many a purchase on Steam for hours of enjoyment.

If you want me I’ll be in the old people section reminiscing about the days of yesteryear, the hours spent, the hours enjoyed, and all the things that I’ll do next.



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