SW:TOR The Jal’frezi Legacy (Pt. 3)

If you’re a galactic hero or villain do you really have the time to change your clothes every day? No? Not to worry!

One of the things that I took a while to pick up on while playing my various characters is what orange items do. Or purple ones. But it’s not like I even have any purple items yet… so let’s just stick to the sneaky orange ones. These are adaptive armour pieces which adapt (hence the name) to your current level. You can put a number of enhancements and modifications in them to make them stronger so that you can keep them statistically competitive with the rest of the gear you could find. They also seem to be viable over a number of levels.

Just as long as your modifications are up to date and relevant.

So, there we have it, while we all believed Obi-Wan was simply a poor hermit who couldn’t afford clothes, he was simply upgrading the modifications in his existing clothes to provide the best statistical benefits. Didn’t help much against Darth Vader but, you know, he was OP, as that’s the reasonable response to everyone who beats you in a duel. “OMFG SO OP!” Though, if you listen really closely you can hear Obi-Wan saying “GG” to Darth Vader after their duel. So, if nothing else- he was a good sport. I’m still confused as to why he didn’t respawn though…

Nothing says class like a giant golden statue.

Nothing says class like a giant golden statue.

I love the idea of adaptive armour as it’s a nice way to stay statistically relevant without having to worry that you didn’t get a decent chest armour drop again. Or that you can’t find any upgrade for your pants. It’s also a cost-effective way to spend Commendations as you buy an item now and it will last you a long time.

The crafting system also ties into this somewhere but as I’ve not levelled my Crew Skills much yet I can’t really say how much or how well. It would be quite interesting if you had crafting available to build these various components so that you didn’t need to buy the enhancements or modifications either. Just the items. Or, imagine if you got the items from the quests and built the modifications and enhancements? That really would be OP. Awesome… but so OP. Actually, no- it would just be awesome. I’d love that.

I’m slowly building up a set of adaptive items on my Jedi Guardian and so far it’s working out pretty well.

I was thinking about getting some for my companion(s) but I don’t know if that would be worth it. I find a number of drops that I can’t/don’t use so I can simply pass those on and the companions seem to remain fairly good even without constantly upgraded gear. Which brings me to another point- companions! Never spoke about them before but I’m going to change that right now!

These remind me a bit of the mercenaries you could pick up in Guild Wars in the various towns or locations you would find yourself. Except you can only have one at a time. But they are a lot more useful than the mercenaries as you can upgrade their gear, select their skills, pick ones to compliment you and such. It’s a nice touch and I appreciate it a little more having a Jedi Guardian tank as my main for the time being. As, while I can withstand a lot of damage, and I protect people, I can’t actually deal a massive amount of damage. So, I bring Kira to stab them while I get stabbed. It’s a good arrangement. I do believe there are others that even fill the healer role but I haven’t actually encountered one of those yet.

Imagine the capacity to solo engagements if that were the case. Mm. Yes. Delicious.

Have a nice Sunday evening, all!



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