SW:TOR The Jal’frezi Legacy (Pt. 2)

The best thing about having your own ship is that you can go wherever you want whenever you want to. No waiting for shuttles for you!

So, what’s a Legacy? Well, it’s a number of things. You have a surname (which you choose) that you can apply to characters or have as a kind of title, you have a family tree, you can create rivalries, you can forge alliances, and generally you can tie all of your characters together to a specific name that earns you bonuses and such. Of course, there’s no real need to use a surname or the title-like option so you can have a Legacy purely as a bonuses only sort of thing.

It also doesn’t restrict your ability to join guilds or do anything else in the game. It’s just there. Earning experience and unlocking things every so often.

If nothing else we are pro-adoption.

If nothing else we are pro-adoption.

It also ties into the account wide achievements system which allows you to track your progress across every aspect of the game. Your characters, regardless of faction, share the same pool of achievements and allow you to accumulate a number of achievements. As, for instance, you can unlock achievements for doing all of the Jedi Knight and Jedi Consular quests. But you can also unlock achievements for doing all of the Sith Warrior and Sith Inquisitor quests. These can then be seen in the achievements which is interesting as usually these things are faction specific. As in the case of World of Warcraft where Horde and Alliance achievements are separate.

However, as far as I’m aware, as none of my other characters have yet to earn the same titles automatically, any rewards for earning achievements like titles are character specific. So you can’t complete one Flashpoint and use the same title on everyone. Which, though it keeps everyone tied together also allows them to retain an individual progression too.

The achievements also hold a number of optional objectives while you’re on various planets as there are things like “defeat 250 droids” and there are more specific objectives like defeating special elite or boss characters which allows you to divert from the questing from time to time. While, again, as far as I’m aware, you don’t get anything for defeating them besides the achievement and achievement rewards- you can do something more challenging if you feel like it. Or skip it if you don’t. It’s really down to personal preference.

This bleeds over into the way that enemies are encountered through the quests as you don’t have a dozen of the same types over and over. You have strong enemies, weak enemies, elite enemies, and they all require a different approach if you are to be successful and not die repeatedly to them. Some are simply able to soak a lot of pain which allows them to deal more damage just through survival. While some have specific and highly damaging abilities which make them dangerous to fight if you’re not prepared. It’s a rather nice change to have that element of tactics even in the levelling process. Most of the time that sort of thing is reserved for group engagements. I prefer it as you get to know your class a lot better when you’re nearly dead from making a mistake.

So far I’d have to say that the class design and questing is fairly interesting. I also find that the way you go about travelling, exploring, and encountering new content is refreshing while there are some fantastic ideas for items (covered next time) which really engage you. There seems to be a lot of diversity in the content which is something I’d expect from a single player game rather than an MMO.

Not that I’m complaining!

Have a nice night, all!



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