Over the Next Few Months

I’m committed to bringing you the freshest, juiciest, and most flavoursome coconuts on the market!

…Oh, wait, that’s that other blog- my bad. As you’ve no doubt seen if you’re keeping yourself up to date with all things Moggie (and if you aren’t now is a good time to get yourself up to speed) there’s a number of changes to WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, and the main site happening all the time. I’ve finally decided to bring gaming to the blog in a big big way. What that way will be and how much of the blog will be devoted to gaming is under review and I will decide later as the main focus is, and should be, and hopefully will continue to be, the art.

That’s what you’re all here for, right? Right! However, that’s not all that I do and I felt it would be pretty cool to open this up to all of my interests and generally about me as a whole. There’s still the art on my personal site and that’s my major interest but let’s add some layers to that. You’ll also learn more about me as a person! Young adult angst ahoy!

I’m still working on and pushing forward with various art pieces. Haven’t forgotten about Cut off a Length and I still have some ideas for it once completed, I also have some other projects in the making, and I’ve got some more games that I’m going to look at it. I may even share with you my many screenshots! Dear lord, if I did that you’d most likely all leave as you’d be snowed under twenty-five feet of pixel-y snow. Given that I have a fondness for snow, and playing Borderlands 2, and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim- I do actually have a number of snowy screenshots. So that wasn’t a hypothetical half-threat! It was a very much real one. You should be afraid, so very afraid.

Now that I’ve successfully destroyed what remains of this blog’s following let’s talk about tomorrow.

It’s Monday. Monday’s are… painful. They’re like those times you’re drinking a coffee and you don’t realise how warm it is and then you burn your throat and you want to yelp like an injured puppy but there are people around so they’d think it weird, but you do it anyway, and then they do exactly as you thought. But, in all seriousness (and where is the fun in that), there’s going to be some pretty cool things (if you like gaming and art and stuff) coming up. Hopefully this momentum will carry forward. It really started at the beginning of this year when I first looked at the sites as a whole and wondered where I had gone wrong, as I wasn’t happy with it and that was partly the reason I was going to drop it all. I couldn’t place what I didn’t like- I just knew I didn’t like it.

So, I spent the time to set up some posts and change a few things and adapt the site some more. Yet, when I look at some of the sites, I see things that are so out of place but they were set up so long ago that I’ve never managed to get around to fixing them. Until now. Hence many changes. Which no-one will probably actively notice- but they are there.

Going over Moggie @ WordPress is the most painful of all as I want to look at the posts, create better categories, update the various pages, update various information, and create a sort of hub for all things Moggie. Saying this as if I’m some kind of international celebrity and people are dying to learn more about me. (They’re not.)
But it is something I am passionate about and I think it would be easier for me to show that if I am able to expand into everything I enjoy. However, not only for that reason, but in general, doing so would require a bit of work in the first place. Notably some pieces are going to be brought back into the spotlight. These highlight posts will look at things I’d done before, what I’ve really liked, or what has had a great reception from others which may have been done before the main body of the WordPress blog was under way. It could also be a good way to learn more about the varied things I’ve done.

There’s a lot of things to look forward to!

Have a nice week, all.



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