Disappointment – 2012 – Pencil – click for full view on site!

No, not you. His facial expression.

During my time on various art community sites there were many things I was known to do. Most of them involved leaving comments, adding things to my favourites, and generally being a nice person. Some of them were actually related to me doing something creative. In the moments that were related to me doing something creative, they were usually to do with people and/or facial expressions and/or general anatomy. Things that I’m not necessarily all that good at at the moment.

But maybe one day I’ll be happy with what I’m doing.

Maybe one day I’ll have enough money to be entirely self-sufficient and I’ll never need to work. I’m pretty sure they’re both equally likely possibilities. This particular piece is moving towards the realisation that I may one day be happy with what I do, as it shows a significant amount of progress from older pieces in the same vein.

Disappointment – 2012 – PencilI’m still fascinated by people and anatomy, too. There’s something about the infinite amount of possibilities that exist within character creation that excites me. Both in the video game and artistic sense. It’s great to think about all of the little things that make your character who they are. How they look, their weight, their height, and what defines them. I’m hoping that in the future I’ll be able to create more realistic, more convincing, and more engaging characters for you all to enjoy!

I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to do that yet.

But that’s one of the joys of creating anything. You don’t necessarily always need to know how- you need to have an idea. An idea which, with practice, and with perseverance, can become something you wouldn’t have imagined it could when you started. Which is pretty much how I got to be here in the first place.

Have a nice weekend, all!


Art, design, and the like found herein (unless otherwise specified) is drawn and owned by David Wilkshire (also credited as Moggie) from 2006 to present date.


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