July! No, really, it’s true!

You may notice that May and June were exceptionally slow months. I have absolutely no idea whatsoever what happened there, why it happened, or even how to not make it happen again.

Recently, over the last few months, even as far back as early April, the status of being one of millions unemployed in this country/city is starting to weigh me down. Oddly enough I have actually had a fair bit of good news and a bit of personal luck in that time.
Art…well, now, there we have a problem- I don’t really know why I didn’t do any in May and why (even after trying to jump start the posts) June provided one dismal update.

Restarting the fantasy art side of things is proving to be slightly less successful than anticipated, while otherwise my motivation seems dead in the water. I can theorise (all day and night) about why that is but really I don’t care for problems- I care for solutions. Or things, at the very least, which can provide me with solutions. Ideas, changes in circumstances, Chinese herbal remedies- anything will do!

I will say that the start of this year provided a rather slow and uninspiring run. I didn’t really do a lot of art and it took me a while to pick up the motivation for it once more, I was also bored, and somewhat restless, for the time between January and March 2012.
One thing about being unemployed is that eventually you do get bored. You have more time than you even know what to do with, which sounds sort of ironic as people never have enough time- but it’s true.

Equally, with London, as London is, it costs an absolute fortune to travel regularly to just about anywhere. So other than things within walking distance (with legs like these that’s a fair way) there’s nothing really to do in the city either, as far as socialising and going out with friends is concerned you can’t socialise and go out for drinks/meals when you have no cash.

So I guess I’m feeling a little burned out.

I’ve had a good run with art sporadically, while a lot of the recent employment efforts are long ventures into the small hours, or out of them, and generally speaking it has been a rather active period. Despite the fact that I am pretty much bored to tears around here. Not to mention sick of the sight of places that provide supposed employment support.
Trying to fill the empty void between the necessities and job searching is proving to be difficult and with art down that doesn’t really leave much else. Even gaming has come to an entire standstill for the time being.

There’s not much left I could do in Fallout 3 besides make a Melee Weapons and Unarmed character (don’t have one of those), but with a fair time invested in it- even that bores me to a point now. Fallout: New Vegas, while relatively unexplored, is a game that is a little harder for me to get into due to the way the systems now work and the varying restrictions on equipment.
Knew I should’ve bought the complete version of Fallout: New Vegas with all the DLCs in March.

Other than that there haven’t really been many new releases that I look forward to playing. Not looking into Torchlight 2, or the latest Legend of Zelda release, and about the only thing that gets me interested is Guild Wars 2 as I was (and still am) such a fan of Guild Wars.
Dragon Age: Origins I finished and, despite the customisation system, and replay value, I can’t actually get around to making new characters. Dragon Age II is something I have been meaning to play though.

So back to job searching and sitting around bored it is!

Really, this is an update, perhaps a little less like me, but something designed to bridge the gap between the artist and the real life person behind them. It’s hard sometimes to always find new things to talk about when it comes to art and even harder to output lots of new pieces regularly (for now)- so here’s a sort of general post.

Hopefully July will be a good artistic month and there are some very promising employment prospects hovering over me, which may mean it’ll be a good personal month too.

For now, however, I hope all is well with those reading.

Have a good evening!



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