“So, I fell off of the Earth.”

That’s what you get for wearing anti-gravity boots in the shower before floating helplessly out of the window and then into space. But, hey- I was the first naked man in space.

In truth, the time since I last posted has been a lot more normal than the above scenario. Though, while I’m not sure what benefits anti-gravity boots would give you in the shower, I’m almost certain it would be pretty cool floating around with all the bubbles and soap suds. Like an advertisement for cheap shampoo. Where we talk about all the flavours of the rainforest (which is allegedly very flavoursome) while slow jazz plays in the background.

I’m lying. I’m no authority on shampoo advertisements.

So, back to reality, there will be a new piece on here pretty soon. It’s a spiritual successor (of sorts) to an older piece that didn’t really work out how I expected it would. The original- not the new one. If it didn’t work out as I had expected why would I upload it? It’s an experimental piece, which ended up smaller than expected, but was focused on a new style and the drive to get back into using my markers as more than a colourful centrepiece on my desk. I think I’ve struck a good balance with this new approach but only further results and more time will tell.

There’s a sense of calm in not having as many new pieces- nor the pressures associated with them- recently. But there’s also a sense of loss. As I would like to be doing more than I currently am but things are just not working out that way at the moment. That said, I’m rather hoping that this new approach and future efforts will get the creative ball rolling again.

It’s also been an issue of time recently.

I’ve had a few other, more pressing, more important things to do and while I enjoy doing creative things it’s harder to find the time for it at the moment. It’s not all grim, though. Things have been balancing out fairly nicely between the pleasant and not so. I’m just not sure if I can promise anything for Moggie @ WordPress in the coming months. Or, at least, until I can find a better way to do these things. I almost wish there was a way to set up a list of posts and automate their publication.

Have a nice week, all!



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