April Updates

April has seen quite a few changes so far.

There’s the launch of the newest version of my personal site, the Facebook page update, the departure from Tumblr, and the arrival at WordPress. In the midst of all of these changes and rearrangements there has been little time to sit down, collect my thoughts, and get an informative post out. I’ve spent most of the last two to three days setting up WordPress and sorting out what remains of my old Tumblr blog.

You’ll find that my personal site now sports a snazzy WordPress social media icon in place of the Tumblr one.

Also, for those curious, or those here from Tumblr, I’ve taken all of my personal art posts down from Tumblr and left a trail of links for everyone to follow. If you’re one of those people, feel free to click on any of those links and start stalking me somewhere else. I don’t mind. Honestly.

So, really, what does all this mean for you- the readers?

There are a few of the posts from Tumblr on WordPress to set up a nice follow on and so you can still find the most recent updates here. This blog is in great condition, is fully working, and this is its first post. I’m hoping there will be more art posts (or even a new piece) fairly soon, but, as I seem to be eternally busy at the moment, I can’t promise anything.

I’ve also been telling myself since the beginning of this week that I was going to do some anatomical work (bodies, faces, and so on) but that has yet to materialise. So I’ve been stuffing art materials into every drawer and on every shelf this blog has, sharpening pencils all over the place, and generally making it feel a lot more like home. I hope you’ll agree that it fits quite nicely into the theme for the rest of my sites.

Have a nice week!



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