Moggie @ WordPress

I’ve never been particularly good at staying in one place.

I’ve been thinking about where to take my blog over the last few weeks. I’ve done a stint on Tumblr for about eight months and while I agree that it’s a good place for certain kinds of artists- it’s not a good place for me. If that makes any sense. I have had my eye on WordPress for quite a while, however.

I’ve heard a lot of (good) things about it, know a few people who have blogs here, and I’m impressed by the functionality it has (most of which is free). Customisation is a pretty big thing for me as while I don’t want to create custom HTML/CSS I do want to be able to get it looking thematically accurate. There’s also a pretty neat social element which allows people to follow me, leave comments, and interact with me in other interesting ways.

I’ll be making an official move (if you can call it that) this month to Moggie @ WordPress.

Wonder how long I’ll be here for. Even if I don’t stay- isn’t this place snazzy?!



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